Telus LTE Network Expands to Whistler, Squamish, Pemberton, Sea to Sky Highway


Telus has announced the expansion of its 4G LTE network to Whistler, Squamish, Pemberton and the Sea to Sky Highway, as part of a $1.7 million investment. By the end of 2012, the company notes LTE will reach almost 90 percent of BC’s population.

“We are committed to offering you the best customer experience. A key part of that promise is bringing our 4G LTE service to the Sea to Sky and numerous other B.C. communities,” said Mike Black, TELUS vice-president of Customer Solutions Delivery. “With an LTE device our customers can enjoy the fastest wireless technology available in the world today – we are continuing to expand this new technology, community by community, so that by the end of the year nearly 90 per cent of B.C. residents are expected to have access. It’s an ambitious undertaking.”

Just last month, the LTE network expanded across Metro Vancouver, and earlier this year TELUS noted it was investing $3 billion in BC over the next three years to to further expand LTE. Who’s excited for this?

With the iPhone 5 supporting LTE, surely this news appeals to those waiting for LTE to arrive in their area. Don’t forget to check out your LTE speed tests with the iPhone 5.


  • Whistler, population 9824, has LTE. Okay, big tourist town.

    Squamish, population 17158, has LTE.

    Pemberton, population 2192, has LTE.

    St. John’s, provincial capital with 106k population, 197k metro, no LTE.

    C’mon Telus, get your act together.

  • Jonathan

    Telus doesn’t control the network east of Manitoba. That is Bell’s network and Telus and Bell have a network sharing agreement. So you should be complaing to Bell.

  • Who do I complain about not haveing LTE in Manitoba? like from anyone…

    Manitoba is an LTE deadzone.

  • Okay, Bell, get your act together!

  • ME

    And Winnipeg gets ignored. I know we’re not Toronto but come on…