TELUS My Account iOS App Redesigned, Adds New Travel Pass Section


TELUS has unveiled a new My Account iOS app, which comes with a completely new redesign, and also solves compatibility issues with iOS 8. There’s a new Travel Pass section to make it easier to purchase roaming data, plus now prepaid users can add credit cards by using their iPhone camera as a scanner.

Also new are ‘smart’ notifications, plus a direct option to contact Telus via email. The design seen below looks to match the colour theme of the TELUS website, and from the screenshots, looks pretty slick:

Telus my account Telus my account 2

The TELUS My Account app does not use your data plan, even when you’re travelling outside your home area or country. This is by far the best looking ‘my account’ app out of the Big 3 carriers.

The Bell Mobility Self Serve app hasn’t been updated for 16 months, while the My Rogers iOS app was last updated this summer.

The worst app of all has to be Fido My Account for iOS, hands down, as it hasn’t been updated for a staggering 39.5 months (July 20, 2011). Customer ratings in iTunes have punished the app, as 56% of the total 4550 ratings have been lowly one-star reviews. Looks like Fido ran away from home.

Click here to download TELUS My Account for iOS. Let us know what you think of this update!


  • Jesse

    Time for them to update their Koodo app!

  • Frustrating for me with US account .. its only available in Canadian App Store. The pain is login out of account is that iTunes Match is turned off and just always seems to cause problems when I re-start it later..

    New app looks great!

  • Kael

    Is that an example of a phone bill? $558.33 I’m guessing if you pay less they think your getting a deal.

  • DoctorT

    Nice! I’ll deff update that app.
    On a side note, could you guys remove the ads that jump you to the App Store to some supported app (that I don’t want) closing Safari on iOS?

  • Which ad is this? Can you email us a screenshot? Gary AT thanks

  • Stephan

    Virgin Mobile is nowhere to be seen

  • K4

    Gary, what’s the “smart” notification you’re talking about??

  • I’m assuming it’s a push notification from the app which will alert you on your usage, etc.

  • DoctorT

    I haven’t seen it again so far, but if it does it again, I’ll email you the screenshot.