TELUS Offering 32GB iPhone 5 Units to Some Customers Due to Limited Supply [Update]


It appears some TELUS customers may be receiving 32GB iPhone 5 units instead of 16GB models due to shortages, according to a note received by MobileSyrup:

“Thanks for pre-ordering the iPhone 5 (16GB) with TELUS. This device has been so popular that there’s a very limited quantity across Canada and internationally. To help manage our restricted supply, we’re offering select pre-order customers an upgrade to a 32GB phone if you’re willing to wait two weeks to receive it.”

Of course, the note adds if you decide to accept their offer you’ll have to wait two weeks for the 32GB model to arrive on October 12th. The 16GB model retails for $179 on a three year term versus $279 for the 32GB model, so you’ll be saving $100.

Current iPhone shortages are possibly linked to the production of the new in-cell display.

Let us know if TELUS offered you this 32GB upgrade for your iPhone 5 pre-order.

Update: Our reader Allan sends us in the following screenshot of the full message, but note Telus is also offering 64GB upgrades for those that ordered 32GB models (nice!):


  • Mitch

    I got this offer! jumped right on it! such a good deal. If you can handle the extra 2 weeks wait

  • aRhyno

    i got the offer, but i also received my phone yesterday along with the email, not sure i can return my phone for a 32GB lol

  • Lol

    Accept the offer and see if they’ll send you 2!

  • aRhyno

    Thank you for your submission

    Lol. we will see what happens. oh well.

  • Mood

    Yup, originally preordered the 16 due to being cheap, lol. but was offered the upgrade to 32! so what’s another 2 weeks.. totally worth it!!

  • Chris

    Woohoo! Just got a call, will be getting the 64Gb iPhone on Oct 12 🙂 if the have to delay it again, I’ll just take 2 32s 🙂

  • Chris

    I emailed Telus this morning asking about the delivery, if you want the upgrade, it might help to call or email about the expected delivery time 😉

  • Gbartlett

    yup I woke up to this email this morning and gladly accepted. Waiting one week for the free 100 upgrade is fine by me.

  • Terry

    I got a phone call today and accepted the offer for a 32 GIG unit for delivery on 12 Oct.

  • bboy08

    now here’s a company that cares about customer service !!

  • Maximmmm

    Got this offer and jumped on it, not to mention I talked them down 5$/month. Not bad Telus!

  • tmac

    I hoped on this as well, free upgrade to 64GB? Yes, please. I also got them to honor the scene points deal until I receive my phone so I will still get the 5000pts. This is why I have been with Telus for 10+ years!

  • Scotch

    Did you call 611 or loyalty to get them to honor the Scene points deal? What did you have to say in order for them to still give you the points even though you won’t activate the phone until after sept 30? Thanks Tmac

  • tmac

    I called *611, and just said Im worried about not getting the points because it might not arrive on time even though I preordered it on the 17th, and its already been charged to my card so the holdup is on Telus’ end for me to receive and activate it. He put me on hold and then asked for my scene card number and said its in the system and to make sure I redeem as soon as I receive my phone which should be before end of October.

    Just call before the 30th so they can put a note on your account. I received no hassle what so ever. GL

  • Tom

    I preordered the 64GB and they offered a $100 credit if I was willing to wait.

  • Scotch

    Thanks so much Tmac–they made me send an email to as the Client Care rep didn’t know what to do…

  • tmac

    Np Scotch, I hope they confirm your points will be available so you can enjoy those free movies!

  • gman

    Yes I got the email to upgrade me from 32GB to 64GB. I clicked the link and accepted right away. However the next day, Telus called my cell and made me the offer again. I told the guy I accepted it via the email link already, but he said let’s do it again to make sure, so he did something on his system and said it’s confirmed. .

  • Chris

    OK, the good news is that I got my 32Gb iPhone 5 today. The bad news is that I had signed up for the free 64Gb upgrade and Telus doesn’t really know if I will get it or not. So I will be staring at the unopened box all weekend, until the warehouse figures out what’s happening… 🙂 Anyone is the same situation? I’m hoping to be able to return the 32 and wait for the 64.

  • Mure Sauvage

    Hi all, I ordered a 32 gig iP5 on the 20th of September from Telus, and so far no email – any general observations on how long this is going to take? Will I really be waiting until the 12th or even longer? (also, I live in Vancouver, if that’s relevant)

  • Chris

    When I ordered it told me what the date of delivery was. Telus is slow at answering emails, took them 4 days to answer mine, so you might want to call the web store at 1-866-488-2709

  • iScored

    If you didnt get an email around Sept 24-25, then maybe you’re not getting the free upgrade offer (I can’t believe that they would make this offer to EVERY pre-order customer, it’s costing them $100/ea). They were very specific that if we got the email, we had to respond by 2PM EST to accept the offer. I’m guessing that must have been a cutoff so they could figure out how many they needed to deliver on 9/28.

  • tmac

    You haven’t received an email about the delivery date or the upgrade? The upgrade offer has long passed. When you originally pre-ordered your phone from Telus you should have received 2 emails, one that was a purchase confirmation and one with information on when they plan to ship it to you on or around. Seeing as you pre-ordered late your phone should be in the Oct. 5th or 12th batch, but as Telus has offered upgrade to other people, if you didnt receive and accept that offer then your phone may come a little bit earlier as someone who previously ordered a 32gb opted for a 64gb.

    You can call the webstore, but Telus won’t email you until it has actually been shipped and even then you may receive the phone before you get the email, it’s a pretty in the dark process.

  • tmac

    I just got an email from that scenepoints@telus email and the points have already been added to my account…funny part is that I haven’t received my upgraded ip5 64gb yet lol. I hope they have added yours as well.

  • Scotch

    Hey Tmac, no they did not add the points yet but I got an email from Telus promotions saying that because I contacted them before sept 30 that they would honor the promotion once I received my new iphone and renewed my contract. They also said that they’ve made a note in my account in case I encounter any difficulties. I hope that they do for me as they did for you!

  • Jenn

    I accepted the offer to upgrade from 32 GB to 64GB, and wait the two weeks. Today I got a shipment notification that the 32GB iPhone was on the way. Did this happen to anyone else? Any ideas on what to do?

  • Jenn

    Finally got through to a Telus rep that knew what was going on this morning. She advised there was a 64 GB phone on the way, and it wasn’t entered into the system yesterday so her colleagues couldn’t see what was going on. They are sending a prepaid return label for the 32GB phone. Let’s hope this works.

  • lange

    Yes same problem here

  • lang

    Yep same problem. Hope they solve it!

  • tmac

    When did they say the 64gb would come

  • tmac

    I accepted the upgrade offer and got an email from Telus this morning saying that my iphone shipped yesterday and was supposed to be delivered today, but in the email it said the 32gb version was in the box contents, although my upgrade was for a 64gb.

    I called the webstore and they told me a 64 was on the way and to refuse this shipment as I would get the upgraded 64gb soon. It didn’t make sense for me to not have something to hold on to so I accepted the package and when I opened the box lo and behold sat my upgraded white 64gb iphone 5, and the packing slip in the box accounted for the 64gb, not the 32gb.

    So even though the email might say its a 32gb (since that is what is logged in the computer under the order number), it might be a 64.

    Anyways im so excited, finally