TELUS Offers $60 Canada-Wide Unlimited Plan with 5GB Data to MB and SK


TELUS has offered a $60/month Canada-wide unlimited plan with 5GB of data to Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Here’s what’s included:

  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • 5GB of shareable data
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
  • Caller ID, Voicemail 3, Call waiting, Conference calling (iPhone visual voicemail is $5/month extra)
  • $60/month

telus canada wide promo sk mb

Additionally, a similar plan is available for $55/month but it only includes 1GB of data.

The $60 plan looks to compete with the popular $57 unlimited plan available from Fido, Koodo and Virgin but it has them beat with 5GB of data (although iPhone visual voicemail is $5/month more).

Let us know if you’re going to inquire about these if you’re in Manitoba or Saskatchewan.

[via RFD]


  • What about Ontario People? Seems to me that this plan is $100 here = lame!

  • pegger1

    Not long ago Telus had similar plan for $50 but no CD or VM.

  • This is pretty amazing plan and i hope it comes to ontario.

  • This plan is amazing.

  • David

    I guess you could get a MB or SK number and use the Canada-Wide. Of course, it may mean long distance for anyone calling you locally.

  • I’m still loving the Fido $57 plan for unlimited incoming and outgoing Canada-wide.

  • bowmanville

    wonder if thats incuding incoming calls

  • Yup, that Fido $57 plan is pretty good – for voice. But the Data on that Fido Plan isn’t exactly the greatest. 2GB isn’t bad, but it also isn’t the 6GB on my current Fido plan. And I use data a lot more than I use voice, and regularly use more than 2GB.

  • Guest

    I would leave Fido in a heartbeat for this plan. But how does the Bell/Telus network compare to the Rogers/Fido network in the GTA for reception and speed?

  • AWESOME! I would leave Fido in a heartbeat for this plan. But how does the Bell/Telus network compare to the Rogers/Fido network in the GTA for reception and speed?

  • Yeah the voice part is good. But for data the $10/GB overage is decent. For the months we don’t go over, we’re still saving instead of paying for 6GB in a $80+plan.

  • Guy Brown

    I need everyone’s expertise on this—please. I have the Rogers 6GB 73.00 plan. Does this get accrued each month that I am under?

  • Rickyscv

    I’m looking for a plan and would take this in a heartbeat if it were offered in BC…

  • G-Money

    I just used this plan as leverage to get my Rogers (Winnipeg) plan lowered to $45 per month for 300 daytime, unlimited eve/wknds, 5GB share-able data, My10 Canada-wide, unlimited msgs, voicemail, and call display (down from $90/m for the same thing).

    Thank you Telus!

  • Smart!

  • Why only SK and MB? ????

  • Tim

    Because these markets have SaskTel and MTS which each offer unlimited data and talk plans at the $60 price point. I know that with SaskTel “unlimited” means 10gb per billing period before they start to throttle your connection to 256kb down and 128kb up.

  • mike

    I wonder if I change my number to a Regina one if they will give me the plan, then go online later and change my number back to a Ontario one . would that legitimately work , with a little help from Google I could get a Regina address to give them .

  • Touché.

  • Fana28

    Unfortunately NO!

  • rogerthat

    Wouldn’t work. Plans are based on cellphone numbers, not addresses. It’s impossible to Havre a Manitoba plan with an Ontario number

  • i like to know what Tellus is not offre ring same offre to Quebec

  • arhyno

    crazy, they want 100$ for that plan at telus here….. bunch of crooks. i would gladly get this plan at 60$.

  • Marc Noel

    Just looked at the fine print, and this plan is only for HSPA devices, not HSPA+, 4G, or LTE.

  • Andy

    Thanks I got the same plan for $51 including tax 🙂

  • Took the deal last night as I upgraded to an iphone 5 laast week. Telus gives you 30 days from your upgrade to change your contract. Smokin package especially with the 5GB data and unlimited Canada wide calling!!

    Keep up the awesome work Telus! Thank You.

  • Brian

    Couldn’t you just sign up with the MB/SK plan and then tell them you moved to Ontario and need to change your phone number to a local area code? Surely they would let you transfer your plan, right?

  • Dude

    Unless you plan to move to AB, where Telus has everyone beat on coverage, stay with Rogers/Fido. I travel 6 times a year by car across Canada from ON to BC. Have both Fido and Telus (Telus mainly for work in AB as Fido really sucks outside of major cities and towns). Driving across Canada I only lost reception 4 times for about 10-15 minutes, while Telus was in no service for 70% of my trip each time. In SK it only works in Regina and Saskatchewan. Now to answer your question about GTA I love that R and F have not only LTE but also 3G and 2G and even E, which helps when you running out of battery and trying to turn off LTE or if you drive in a bush. Telus does have the best customer service BUT Rogers and Fido have the best retention plans. Yes you need to call 20 times and threaten to cancel, and once you find the right person, they will turn their a-hole inside out and come out with plans that NO ONE CAN MATCH. Thats my input.

  • M

    It is not impossible…