Telus Offers No Activation Fee Until December 31 2010


This week, Telus extended their no activation fee holiday promotion and is continuing to waive the $35 activation fee that customers are usually charged when starting up a new account.

The promotion is actually effective December 10, 2010 which means that any new activations since December 10 will receive the credit.

Eligibility & Restrictions

The offer is applicable to new 3-year term activations on the following rate plans:

  • iPhone Clear Choice $50
  • iPhone Clear Choice Flex $65
  • iPhone Clear Choice $100
  • Student Flex $55

A $35 bill credit for 100% of the activation fee will appear on the customer’s first or second invoice.


  • Contract Free

    Don’t eat the crumbs that these carriers are throwing people. Buy your phones outright and go monthly so they can change their thieving ways.

  • Wind mobile, and mobilcity ^_~
    check them our first before you even think about locking in with bellus or rido

  • SS

    How can one use wind or mobilicity if only phone he wants is an iPhone ?

  • Auto Strada

    ^^thinking of getting a wind or mobilicity for my girlfriend since she goes to school and doesn’t work = can’t afford her original fido bill. she’s since gone onto a $10 ret. plan of the $15 plan = 50 anytime/50texts.

    so far my only concern is coverage and reception being that they don’t use any of the existing cell towers from the big 3. according to reviews, it’s still much to be desired.

    also, the iPhone uses a different band, it will not work with either of them. anyone correct me if I’m wrong, please.

  • Yes, they are different signals so make sure you ask about iPhone usage before you get in to anything.
    Also because they are smaller the coverage is not as large as some others, but if you in the the central city areas you shouldnt have any issues. Thats also the good thing about going with them and being contract free, you can just return the phone if the coverage is poor and start looking again

  • Speedman

    Ex, this is off topic but this is about unlocking iPhone in Fido. This is in reference to my comments in your previous article two days ago, I contacted Fido about my 3GS outright purchase from Apple Store. No subsidy just handset purchase. I spoke to the Fido customer service and he told me that they cannot unlock my iPhone locked to their network since I bought it directly from Apple Store. He told me that it is not a Fido iPhone but Apple’s. Lol! So, it should be Apple to unlock the 3GS since it came from them in the first place. However, previously, I discussed that with Apple and Apple told me that they do not unlock, only the networks where its locked. I believe them because that’s the way it is in Europe.

    The thing is, is he going to say that too to people who bought subsidized iPhone at Apple Store and chose 3 yr contract to Fido? Is it Apple too and not Fido? So therefore, I did not buy it from Fido, hence it is not in their system so i’ll be sorry they cannot do the unlocking?

    I’m at a lost here because I think i’m being punished due to outright purchase of iPhone and no one will take responsibility of unlocking my own iPhone in which it should not be locked to Fido in the beginning. Please take this case on behalf of us who bought directly iPhone 3GS before the iPhone 4 came out. You help in clearing this matter is much appreciated.

    The thing is, some people go to Apple Store to

  • Ex

    You need to talk to someone at Fido who is NOT a front-line employee and has
    been with Fido for at least 2 years.

    When Apple was selling the iPhone 3GS outright last year, it was locked to a
    carrier. This was locked by the carrier and not by Apple’s choice. When
    speaking with Fido, try to explain that the device is LOCKED to Fido and
    cannot be unlocked by any other entity other than Fido.

    The device was purchase outright, at full price, and therefore qualifies
    under the Fido unlocking policy.

    You can definitely try going this route but there is a flaw in this process.

    When Fido/Rogers started this unlocking program, they set out some rules:

    1.) Have an account in good standing
    2.) Have paid the un-subsidized / no term cost for the device at least 30
    days prior OR have finished their Commitment Period (contract)
    3.) Unlock a device which is listed in their equipment history (no grey
    market devices)
    4.) Pay a $50 unlocking fee plus applicable taxes (note:
    prepaid customers must have a $50 plus the applicable taxes, balance on
    their account)

    From my understanding of your comment, you have satisfied Rule 1, Rule 3,
    and Rule 4. It seems however, that you have not satisfied Rule 2. You bought
    the device off-contract more than 30 days prior. If I understand this
    correctly from Rogers/Fido, this means you would have had to purchase that
    locked Fido iPhone 3GS within the last 30 days OR within 30 days of the
    unlocking policy. If you bought the device last year, then there is not much
    we can do.

    I know this is not the answer you were looking for, but I believe this is
    the correct interpretation.

  • Speedman

    Thank you, i will call again and will let you know about this episode.

  • alex

    Can’t use iPhone on Wind or Mobilicity

  • alex

    Can’t use iPhone on Wind or Mobilicity