Telus Opens Their First ‘Next Generation’ Store in Laval [PICS]


Telus today has announced the opening of their first ‘Next Generation’ store in Laval, Quebec. This remodeled store is located in the Carrefour Laval and was designed to assist customers in making decisions when it comes to technology when purchasing from Telus. Here are some highlights:

  • Specially trained in-store sales consultants provide demonstrations using live devices.
  • Spacious display stations are equipped with real devices instead of the traditional mock-up display models – allowing customers to get hands-on experience with the user interface of each device to see how it really works.
  • Interactive monitors throughout the store provide customers with access to information about TELUS networks and services.
  • In-store learning centres offer one-on-one or group tutorials to help customers learn how to get the most from their wireless devices.

Essentially, these stores will enable customers to try smartphones and gets hands on demos with working models, plus there are opportunities for customers to get one-on-one support:

“Today’s wireless smartphones and tablets are loaded with technology and features that can simplify and enrich our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined a few years ago, and we are improving our stores to reflect the new reality,” said Joe Goodbaum, senior vice-president and president, TELUS Retail Limited. “Our new stores are designed to give everyone the opportunity to use the devices and try the technologies on the spot, and with one-on-one assistance from the TELUS team and interactive learning sessions available onsite, customers will be sure to choose the solutions that best suit their needs.”

Telus sent us some pictures of their new Next Generation store–it looks pretty modern and sleek, with some visual cues akin to an Apple Store. They also tell us they plan to open 20 stores like this by the end of 2013. Check out the pictures below:

Also, TELUS will donate $7.50 to Opération Enfant Soleil for each set of TELUS critters sold at this store until May 6th.

Let us know if you happen to visit this new store and tell us what you think. I have a feeling we might see some ‘upgraded’ Rogers and Bell stores coming too in the future, as our ‘Big 3’ carriers like to make moves in unison.

Update 1: Telus sent us more pics–check them out below:

[via Telus]


  • cyruskafaiwu

    Yes. A proper store by Telus. Now to improve the pricing and customer service.

  • Cjhermes

    Bell has a pretty recent new store look (maybe not flagship?) that is pretty nice in Halifax Shopping Centre. 

  • Arcsvibe

    I’ve worked with the manager at Carrefour Laval. If Stephane is still the manger there he is an awesome person! I will pass by and give a review of services provided.

  • Arcsvibe

     sorry *manager*

  • Codeman92

    This is not the first store. Maybe for Quebec, but I’ve been to one in the Pickering Town Centre a few months ago. Amazing concept. Even better in person.

  • Londonfish

    Yeah, and our costly longer-than-other-countries-contracts is supporting the operating cost of these new fancy stores!

  • Accordxtc

    Nice looking store, a lot nicer then what Rogers has lol. Only thing I see being a poor choice is using projectors constantly for displaying images as bulbs are expensive lol.

  • Funny, I was there this weekend shopping for my daughter and I saw it. I had to get in there (even though I’m not a Telus customer of fan). No doubt it’s a nice looking store

  • telusfan

    Hey! it’s not stephane anymore, hes doing the audit now!