TELUS 4K Optik TV Launches in Western Canada


TELUS has announced Optik TV customers can now subscribe to 4K, as the service has launched in B.C. and Alberta, after a teaser landing page was shown last month.

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Wade Domries, TELUS’ vice-president of Home Solutions, said in a statement “TELUS is committed to offering our customers the most cutting-edge entertainment experience, and being the first to offer 4K TV in B.C. and Alberta is an exciting leap forward in the evolution of Optik TV.”

The 4K launch includes the following content available:

  • TSN 4K
  • Adrenaline sports On Demand
  • Stingray Ambiance
  • On Demand movies
  • Optik Local productions

Customers looking to subscribe will require a 4K TV, a 4K PVR, as well as a minimum of Internet 50 to support the high resolution streaming.

TELUS says their new 4K PVRs can store up to 400 hours of HD content, or up to 100 hours of 4K content – double the capacity of the company’s current HD PVR. For those that sign two-year commitments, TELUS 4K PVRs are included at no extra cost.


  • Jake

    On top of the costs you are required to have the Sports Channels like TSN and Sportsnet for a minimum of $14 a month (not sure why they don’t list this cost in their pricing)

  • hlna55

    so basically… one actual live TV channel What a score. All this in a time when i’m considering cancelling all cable TV completely. If it wasn’t for NFL and the odd F1 race, i’d have already done it. TV has become more expensive while delivering MORE advertising. Does this seem right to you?