TELUS Optik 4K Launching Soon for Western Canada


TELUS yesterday launched its teaser website to support 4K for its Optik cable TV subscribers, a move set to bring the company in line with existing 4K offerings from rivals Rogers and Bell.

4K desktop banner

The company says in order to watch TV in 4K, you will require the following:

  • Internet 50 plan ($78 per month; $40 for first 3 months)
  • Optik 4K PVR (included when you sign up for 4K; Netflix app not enabled but coming in the fall)
  • 4K television set that is High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compatible

The Optik 4K PVR can record one 4K live show and one HD show at same time or one 4K VOD program, plus two HD shows and one SD show simultaneously; or up to five HD shows at the same time.

TELUS says 4K coverage available will include select coverage of the upcoming Summer Olympics, a “growing on demand library”, plus Stingray Ambiance has new 4K scenery.

If you’re interested in signing up, TELUS Optik 4K starts at $80 per month for the first six months on a two-year contract, and $148 per month thereafter. (Update: price includes Internet 50)

So once your promo periods end for Internet 50 and 4K, it will cost $148 per month to watch Optik TV in 4K, at the bare minimum.

Who’s excited for Optik TV in 4K?

Thanks @VeryScott!


  • hlna55

    Costs of cable TV have lost all sense of reality. $230+ /month to watch a 38 minutes show for an hour while your bombarded with countless commercials?

    I’m to the point now where I don’t watch anything live any more and even then, 95% is streamed from Netflix, YouTube or Shomi. In my opinion, there should be a free tier with commercials and a commercial free (or significantly reduced) tier that costs $230+/month.

  • After having a kid, it dawned on me how little I miss live television (aside from major sports finals). Most of the time, clips or shows will appear on YouTube, while those who choose to use torrents can ‘watch’ shows the same day. Paying $230/month for 4K with barely any channels…is definitely the price of being an early adopter.

  • Ron

    Yup, all you need is high-speed internet to stream your shows, and torrent the rest. Although Shaw and Telus are catching on to this, and are charging insane prices for Internet only.

  • sukisszoze

    Telus better rolls out their fibre to more places soon as I doubt my Internet 50 plan can stream 4K while other devices are also using data at the same time.