Telus Posts iPhone 4 Availability Information Page


Bell was the first Canadian wireless carrier to publicly post that they would be carrying the iPhone 4 on July 30, 2010.

Soon after, this was followed by Rogers and Fido, except that Rogers/Fido posted their announcements internally and not publicly, but that did not stop us from posting it.

Now, Telus has caught up and posted their availability information page publicly on their website, clearly stating “Coming July 30th”, which is something they did not list previously. Users can still sign up and receive up to date information on the iPhone 4. Although I would argue that the iPhone related blogs (like ours!) will know information far sooner than Telus.

Fill in the form below to receive more information about the upcoming launch of iPhone 4 on TELUSΓ’β€žΒ’.

We’ll keep you posted with news on the launch and information about our prices and plans.

So if you are currently a Telus subscriber or plan on subscribing with Telus when you get your iPhone 4, maybe check this out.



  • SF

    Ok that was stupid on my part, my bad
    But this looks more promising:

  • Colem


  • that guy

    I have a question for users, my mom and I have been a Rogers customer for about 5~6 years, is there some discounts that I can get from Rogers?

  • Colem

    Try retentions , they might hook you up if you threaten to leave.

  • that guy

    how do i go about this retentions to Rogers?

  • ColPat


    iPhone 4 preorders tomorrow through apple's site?

    Sorry for all the questions today..

  • Ex

    What makes you believe tomorrow?


  • Colem

    Call.. get some rep and ask for Customer Retentions Department. its not an option in the menu. Kinda try to have an idea what kind of a deal you want.

  • Colem

    The US launch was a Thursday and the ordering was the Tuesday in the week πŸ™‚ I think we will see magical trackpads to

  • ColPat

    So you're saying it's possible? Well the US preorders were 10 days before the release right? So i'm assuming the Canadian preorders will be like that. Will they do that without notice? like 24hrs notice…

  • Colem

    week before *

  • Colem

    Well… its traditional apple to give notice.. but they never gave notice for snowleopard.

  • i have an iphone with Rogers, i pay 50 dollars/mth incl everything.
    i told 'em i'm going to cancel and go to Wind, and they hate wind. so they gave me 1200 daytime minutes (which roll over each month), no SAF, waive the early pm calling for 17.50 + a discount on the iphone 40/mth value pack with data and messaging…
    tell them you are calling to cancel and they'll send you to rentention if your account is in good standings.

  • This isn't news, the “Register Your Interest” has been on their site for 2 weeks.

  • rorypiper

    If there is going to be preorders, they will probably start tomorrow. The US had 10 days of preorders; that's all I'm going on. πŸ™‚

  • Colem

    Nice thought ! πŸ™‚

  • Hyperextension

    I have heard via Twitter that iPhone presale is tomorrow (21st) in Canada as well. As with everything you read online, take it with a grain of salt, but here is hoping. I will be watching closely as I want my factory unlocked iPhone4 now. LOL

  • Hmm… Is it cheaper to buy unlocked if you don't pay as much monthly as their iPhone plans? And can you get the $30 data (if they decide to offer it) if you buy unlocked?

  • Colem

    Really this unlocked thing is unprecedented so hard to say, but they love to sign you for 3 years.

  • SF

    I dont think they will give you a 30 dollars 6GB data without buying the locked phone from them.

  • Viv

    According to Apple, Canada is getting the iPhone 4 in 10 days… and Telus and Bell are still asking us to sign up to receive information about the launch?! SERIOUSLY??? This is really really testing my patience…..if only we could buy unlocked phones from the US, I would've crossed the border a long time ago.

  • SF

    I am seeing tweets about PREORDER has started from Rogers. They also have a bunch of preorder classes on their iphone 4 website (source code).

  • RyleyLamarsh

    little off topic here but If I buy an unlocked phone from apple I will need to get a Micro Sim from Rogers? Orrr.. will I even need one.. I'm a little confused about that one.

  • Ex

    you'll get the SIM from Apple

  • Guest

    and our phone number will be able to stay the same?

  • Ex


  • draz


  • draz

    The data plans are all under contract for 3yrs and breaking it will cost ya up to $100. If you plan on sticking with Rogers for 3yrs just get it subsidized.

  • Now if only Rogers would make an official announcement. Those of us who are original 3G owners with Rogers/Fido want to know our options!

  • As I've previously stated on this blog;

    “That's just what they seem to be calling the Info Form it's styled as “PreOrderMain” and “PreOrderFormDiv” it's the notifications form. “

    It's always been there – don't get excited.

  • Ex, you know I <3 you, but seriously;

    Yes, this page update does confirm that Telus will get the iPhone On July 30th – but your post reads like the Telus page is BRAND NEW and that the sign-up for notifications is NEW, it's not, it's been out for a while, as reported by YOU:

    Short term memory loss? πŸ˜‰

  • Question in regards to the supposed pre-order tomorrow:

    Are pre order iPhones only unlocked, or are there telus/bell/rogers pre order phones?

  • Ex

    Yup, BUT, the “July 30” date wasn't there before!

  • Hyperextension

    Preorders from the Apple store are only unlocked and carry a higher price tag. Preorders from carrier are locked to the carrier. Only place to get the unlocked units are from Apple. (this is all assuming Apple and the carriers will be doing a preorder).

  • Nathan_plante

    You guys ever hear about the Canadian Bill C-560 — Check it out before you buy an unlocked phone

  • AppleFly

    That Bill hasn't been passed yet, but it could be good if you eventually want to unlock…

  • Lolaguy

    Basically, you can get your iPhone 4 unlocked (for free) after 3 years or earlier if you end your contract prematurely. Either way, this isn't any better than a unlocked iPhone 4 right from the start. At most it's on par.

  • Junk3124

    Oh, I see. I didn't even know there was a retention department. I'll have to try that when my plan expires next year.

    Quick Q to you knowledgeable folks out there: I may be moving out of province next year, if I move to lets say Ontario and I signed up with a SK Roger's price plan, can they migrate my current contract (ie. terms like minutes, data, text message allocation etc) to the new area? I noticed our advertised prices are a tad cheaper than the larger markets, so I would hope I can retain my contract.

  • Oh good. Another person who doesn't understand the industry and simply hates the system.

  • Bee

    So if you order an unlocked phone from Apple online, how does Apple know which carrier's micro SIM to send you? I was under the impression that I needed to go to Rogers and order a micro SIM from them…
    Please clarify πŸ™‚

  • Agreed – It's definitly news – I just wasn't happy with the wording of the article, but either you fixed it or I've gotten over it πŸ˜€

  • Given that Rogers/Fido allowed original 3G owners upgrade with recontracting for 3yrs at the subsidized price, it's really, very, probably, certainly likley that you'll be eligible. (Of course I'm assuming that you purchased your 3G at Launch, if you purchased it sometime in the last year – hrmm, I'll pray for you!)

  • Eason_1108

    at lease we have “choice”, US only have AT&T =P

  • Dwight990


  • Mike

    Does anyone here think that apple will make 4GS ( S=second generation of 4th) to fix the attena issues. I find its a mixed bag, that it is overblown and has spead like a PC virus and At&T is not that good of a carrier like our major players here in Canada. One must wonder if there will be a 4GS?

  • Vazandrew

    what about virgin mobile? it still says coming soon, what gives !

  • Viperhood

    Hey, Just was at the TELUS website, it now says coming soon for the iphone 4 not July 30th…

  • Goldmember 9002

    u jamaican?? btw its spelt bloodclaat

  • Nope, I purchased it July '08 but was sent a free refurb junk LG phone when my 3G broke a few months ago. I didn't have to sign a new contract but it did make me uneligible for upgrade until September. I'm hoping to convince retentions to fix that for me.

  • Mike

    I just checked at 0852 and its back saying July 30th but nothing on pre orders

  • Bob

    I'm just back from Telus, a rep told me that on july 30th, they were gonna have 500 iphone 4 for the entire Canada. So july 30th sounds like a publicity stunt!!!

  • Boobs'n'Guns

    Either you are full of it or your telus rep was. We will get 10% of what USA got on their launch…170,000 – 200,000 units. I know because I talked to bill gates who knows steve jobs. But then again, im just making stuff up like you.

    Shut it bob.

  • Mike

    Thats awsome Love it

  • Ex

    If you can't choose through the online ordering process, you'll go in store to Apple.

  • Ex

    Sounds like you better find an Apple Store.

  • wuju

    From the looks of it, we will not have any pre-order from Apple online store in Canada. It's kind of late by now if we haven't heard anything. That's too bad.

  • Colem

    Well, wuju, one can still hope. I mean, Snow Leopard pre orders happened the Monday before release, so I'm keeping fingers crossed.

  • wuju

    Yes. We can all still hope. Toes are crossing too. πŸ™‚

  • Zanteogo

    Anyone hear ANYTHING about pre-ordering? My gut feeling is that the number of units shipping to Canada is going to be so small that they are not doing pre-orders.

  • Colem

    Well… Canada usually gets a small QTY. There have never been pre orders. I however am a customer that wants to buy from There is a slim chance that Monday or Tuesday, they could do a pre order on the unlocked models.

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  • Da_man_40

    If Telus customer service did not suck I would stay with them.

  • Wefwefe

    Screw you troll

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