TELUS Pre-Owned iPhone 6 Available Starting at $150 on Contract


With Apple recently raising iPhone 6 prices in Canada, Big 3 carriers are already starting to follow suit to reflect the change, with Rogers and Fido similarly increasing their prices on contract.

Buying an iPhone 6 is more expensive now, but if you’re willing to accept ‘refreshed’ (i.e. refurbished or open box returns) models from TELUS and sign a 2-year term, there are some savings to be had.

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Right now, the TELUS web store shows the 16GB and 64GB iPhone 6 available for $150 and $250 respectively (meanwhile, the 16GB iPhone 5s is $0) on contract. With new iPhone 6 contract prices to start at $349 soon, you’re ‘saving’ $200 or so here off the regular price, albeit the phone is not new in box.

Of course, you’ll have to sign a minimum $70 monthly plan with TELUS (starting at $50 for 300 daytime minutes; $20 for 300MB data). There is no activation fee and there is free shipping on the phone.

Let us know if this is something you’re going to consider.

[via RFD]


  • OliChabot

    That’s not bad. I think Apple is trying to come back as a luxury brand, a title it lost a bit with the iPhone 5C, the iPad Mini. Before, no one had an iPhone nor an iPad. Today, every household has an iPad, and you see every teenagers with iPhone 4S because they were so cheap. Now, with the iWatch priced really high and the iPhone being really expensive in Canada, maybe they are trying to position themselves again as a luxury and high-end brand.

  • Guest

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  • ShaBi

    I disagree. Apple never lost any of the luxury brand image. The 5C and iPad Mini are still not cheap compared to other products at the same level. Especially the 5C, it’s more so a product to let (or lure) more people in on the grand scheme of Apple. Much like the men’s LV wallet that many guys have that cost $400. Cheap? Depends. But cheap for a LV? Yes. The idea is the same with the 5C. Take a step back and think about it, and you’ll see that the iPhone is actually the key to everything else that is Apple. Same with the Apple Watch Sport as well. It looks like a toy compared to the regular Apple Watch, which is Apple’s main focus, but the main idea is to let more people in to the Apple universe.

    iPhone being really expensive in Canada is only because CAD is very weak. Convert the price back to USD and it’s only just a few dollars more.

  • OliChabot

    That is true. My point is that we still see plenty of people with old iPhones that they got for free with a 45$/month plan that could never afford the price we pay today for a new iPhone. So they, in my opinion, stepped back a bit in terms of luxury appeal. With the Watch, even tho the Sports model looks less appealing, it’s still five to six hundred bucks ! That is expensive for a watch and definitely not any cheap product. Anyway, I just remember some years ago when, if someone had an iPhone, that was so cool and hip and you would only see one once in a while because they were really expensive. Same ting with the iPad : the first generation was rare and hip too. So I just think they are focusing on the person who truly wants a prenium product rather than going with the cheap thing, and I also think that is the reason they brought Angela Arhendts in, because Apple is trying to defin itself midway as a fashion and technological company.

  • ShaBi

    And unfortunately, that’s about the time when the hating all started! If only we can all just be happy with our choices and not care what others do.

  • beavisaur

    What’s the cost without contract?