TELUS Promo: $100 Off All iPhone 6, iPhone 5S Models on 2-Year Terms [u]


Telus is offering a new promotion, which discounts the price of all iPhones by $100, for new customers signing a two-year contract, in Ontario only.


If you sign a new two-year contract with Telus, the costs for the iPhone 5S, 6, and 6 Plus are as follows:

– Apple iPhone 5S 16GB: $55 (Regularly $155)

– Apple iPhone 5S 32GB: $110 (Regularly $210)

– Apple iPhone 6 16GB: $165 (Regularly $265)

– Apple iPhone 6 64GB: $275 (Regularly $375)

– Apple iPhone 6 128GB: $385 (Regularly $485)

– Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB: $275 (Regularly $375)

– Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB: $385 (Regularly $485)

– Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB: $495 (Regularly $595)

The 8GB version of the iPhone 5C remains free on a two-year contract. The above offer is different then the one reported yesterday, which gives customers $100 off all iPhones if they bundle their home Internet and TV service.

Earlier today, Telus launched new plans that give customers less data then before. To compensate for the reduced data allowance, the carrier has lowered the cost of some voice plans. Previously, 500MB of data was $20 per month and now for the same price you only get 300MB.

Will you be jumping on this new promotion from Telus? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: This promo appears to be in Ontario-only.


  • JB

    This is NOT a discount… the $100 is added to your device balance. Still good, but not a $100 discount.

  • Mathieu

    Beside the money grab, why would they lower the amount of data for the price. I am not able to understand. Customer use less data so they gave them what they need or else my idea of bandwith is wrong and it is a non renewable ressources so they want to limit it’s waste. There must be a logical customer/business explanation.

  • Riley Freeman


  • JB

    They don’t take $100 off the price ($750 for the iPhone 6, for example), they just take $100 off the price you pay up front.

    It goes from $265 with a $485 device balance to $165 up front with a $585 device balance. Still $0 at the end of 2 years, but if you break contract early, you’re still on the hook.

  • JB

    In checking into this, I noticed that it’s $215 up front in Manatoba with a $535 device balance (not a promo offer). In addition to much MUCH lower plans, they also get a better device subsidy.

    Man, do I wish for a little competition out in BC & AB…

  • Riley Freeman

    oh slick on their part and they dont tell anyone.