TELUS-Owned Public Mobile Launches New Self Serve Plans, Rewards Program


TELUS-owned Public Mobile has announced changes to the brand, product offerings and service. The company says users that joined prior to January 27, 2015 will remain with their regular service:

We’ve made some exciting changes to the Public Mobile brand, products and service.

To make sure everything runs smoothly, we’re launching in BETA only to a small group of customers. This way we can learn from their experience and improve along the way.

But don’t worry! If you joined us before January 27th, 2015 everything will remain “Business As Usual”. And that means you get to keep your current rate plan and service for as long as you remain an active customer.

Along with a new website, here are the self serve plans available—customers just pick their own based on days, unlimited talk, unlimited text, data and also discounts based on your selections of 2 or 3 options:

Screenshot 2015 02 04 09 49 50

As you can see from above, a monthly plan with unlimited talk, text and 4GB of data will cost you $80. You also have the option of not selecting talk or text plans and going with data only.

Want to use your iPhone on Public Mobile? The company says “Please note iPhones may not work with a Public Mobile SIM card but we’re working hard to fix that!” The company’s forums state unlocked iPhones will be able to make calls and send SMS texts, but Public Mobile’s data network will not, as they still are working to “update the carrier bundle for the device.”

Public Mobile has also started a rewards program where you can get the following:

  • Monthly payments reduced by $1 after the first year, $2 after the second and so on
  • Setup authorized credit card AutoPay, get $2 off each month
  • Refer a friend and get $1 off each month as long as they stay with Public Mobile
  • Engage in the Public Mobile online Community, earn points that can save up to $10 on monthly payments

Public Mobile’s new self serve value brand means there’s no longer a retail presence, therefore reducing retail and infrastructure costs. Are you going to be joining Public Mobile anytime soon?


  • MrXax

    1GB is $20? Absurd. I’ve been paying $30 for 6GB since 2010. Why is data still so damned expensive in Canada??

  • Fireeast

    Because people are willing to pay for it, the moment my contract is up I am off to Wind.

  • adasd

    Makes no sense how you pay for the term ? $10 just for 30 days, even without service? LOL! What a rip.

  • Tim

    Wasn’t public mobile supposed to be held to some kind of $20 unlimited talk plan when the acquisition was approved? From what I can see now $35 is as cheap as it gets.

  • Aussie

    I couldn’t agreed with you no more !!! It’s Absolutely, RIDICULOUS!!!! Data in Canada being sooo EXPENSIVE!!!
    We, Consumers just throwing $$$$ into all those already “WEALTHY’ GREEDY people/companies/organizations such as TELUS!!!! Being one of them!! And yet their C.Service is so poor!!! & cheap!!!
    Telus, is so cheap to provide Customer Service that they have gone out of their way to contract” Work Labor ” in San Salvador, Guatemala, & Romania, just to mentioned just a few countries. God knows if they have other people working any where else in the world.
    Can you see, TELUS, make tons and tons, billions and billions of dollars from us, Canadians, “the consumers”. However, Telus, take his sources of employment to other parts of the world!!! To offer work to others!! How would you rate just that..!¿?
    Some people perhaps may say, well that is business!!?¿? Call it as you wish. I call it ” Greed” Careless” ” Lack of gratitude” for the people, for us Canadians that generate and bring business, and lots of revenue to them (TELUS), into this huge, multimillionaire ( or should I say multi billionaire company!.)!
    Does TELUS, gives back to the community !¿?… Are you kidding me!!!¿?
    Absolutely Not. If they can take an extra penny more from you, the consumer, and to top it up cut off services. Of course, They will. They have done it, and they’re continued to do it.
    Just a simple examples:
    They cut off customer service directly with a live agent, now TELUS, want you to go and do everything online!! Anything, everything…
    Another one, they say my monthly service is for 30 days, however, they cut off your service the day prior to your 30th day. at 6AM. For them, (TELUS) a day does not consist of 24 hours per day. For most of us, a day has 24 hours. For the purpose of this example: any given day ends up at midgnight., not for TELUS, it ends up the previous day at 6AM.
    I think anyone having to experienced this will agreed with the feeling of being Ripped off.

    The Federal government should implement a law/rule/regulation,.. to put a Cap charge (monthly) to STOP this arbitrariarly demeanour from all this large (powerful) telecommunications companies/organizations..
    Some one, some federal institutio. MUST, has to “INTERVENE” , to put a STOP to this abuse to the consumer economical default.!!