TELUS PureFibre Internet Launches Officially in BC and Alberta


TELUS has announced in a company blog post PureFibre Internet has officially arrived for customers in BC and Alberta. The Internet service offers download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and same for upload.

Telus pure fibre

The company is touting PureFibre as a way for families to watch multiple Netflix in 4K streams, from Optik TV 4K set top boxes, with Netflix Premium subscription. The Internet 150/150 plan comes with 1 terabyte of monthly data usage and costs $80 per month, or $42 per month for six months for new customers on a two-year term.

The plan will compete against Shaw’s Internet 150/15 plan priced at $79 for a two-year plan, or $100 off term.

TELUS PureFibre was made available last fall to select communities in BC and Alberta, but now it appears the rollout has made its way to more cities and towns in western Canada.


  • G-Money41

    I had the Telus 100 Mbps plan and switched to this a couple weeks ago (for $18 less per month!). That being said, I’m not entirely sure what I’m supposed to do with this speed.

    I use Google OnHub for my WiFi, and it can theoretically push that to my devices, but I don’t ever quite see 150 (or rarely anything above 75 Mbps). Even on my iMac, plugged in via ethernet, I do get low 100s, but I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do with that.

    Any ideas on what I can do with this added bandwidth?

  • sukisszoze

    If you have connected devices, such as security cameras (Nest, etc), they use up part of the bandwidth throughout the day.

  • raslucas

    You should get that speed consistently over wire. Wifi can fluctuate based on how many devices and distance from base station.

  • Tim

    I guess if I had kids I might need a connection this fast, but I can already stream 4K with my 30mbps down connection. It’ll probably be necessary in the future, but not now.

  • I’m considering it because it’s only $5/month more than my current 50Mbps plan. Seems like a good deal to spend an extra $5/month for 3X the download speed. Then again, as someone else mentioned, is the extra download speed really needed? There are only two of us in my household.

  • sukisszoze

    I see North Saanich and Oak Bay but nothing in Victoria or Saanich within Victoria..c’mon Telus!

  • DCinAB They actually rolled it out in Calgary in July. I’ve had it since then and Ican tell you that it is amazing… no slow down at all during peak hours. I typically get over 150mbps in both directions.