TELUS Launches PureFibre in Victoria


Telus has announced their PureFibre network has officially launched in British Columbia’s capital city of Victoria. The announcement was made yesterday on the company’s YouTube channel.

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The time-lapse video shows the PureFibre cable ‘driving’ along the Pat Bay Highway towards the BC Ferries, then jumps to a clip of the Johnson Street Bridge (the replacement might be completed one day…), then along scenic Dallas Road and through the Uplands:

Telus launched PureFibre last fall in Edmonton, while last month announced the service had expanded in BC and Alberta, part of an ongoing rollout of the high speed Internet service, which offers download and upload speeds of up to 150 Mbps. PureFibre looks to compete against Shaw Cable’s Internet 150 service in Western Canada.


  • cayaguy

    I’ve had Telus 150 for 6 months now in Kelowna. My friend who works for the deployment of fibre told me all of bc that’s on fibre has had access to internet 150 since sept. This isn’t anything new. My parents in victoria got 150 in october so this just must be to advertise.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    PureFibre should be 1000mbps up/dn. Cmon Telus.