TELUS Airs Another Round of Reading Your Mean Tweets [VIDEOS]


Last fall, TELUS borrowed Jimmy Kimmel’s skit of celebrities reading mean tweets by having employees read angry tweets directed at the wireless carrier.

The company has now aired three more videos as part of the “TELUS reads your tweets” series on its YouTube channel. The videos are part of the company’s goal to constantly “improve our customer service,” by receiving feedback that’s good or bad.

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Check out the three videos below and tell us which one is your favourite:

The recent CCTS mid-year report saw TELUS only get 4.4% of total complaints, versus rivals Rogers and Bell combining for 59% of complaints.

Which wireless carrier do you think has the best customer service in Canada?


  • Matt

    To answer your last question, is there a “none of the above” option? 😉

  • Chris

    My response for the second video is, why doesn’t Telus just give all of Canada the Sask/MB pricing.
    In Sask, $65 for 5GB of data. In NS, $125 for 6GB of data

  • johnnygoodface

    You gotta love Telus! …. I mean compared to the others ?????????? And having tried all three, I gotta tell ya: none can offer the same technical/consumer service, NONE! ????????

  • johnnygoodface

    Answer: competition in Sask (and I dare say QC too) and probably none in the rest of Canada (only the big 3)

  • Chris

    I know full well why they don’t offer it anywhere else. Maybe some day if and when Eastlink can become “competition” **fingers crossed**

  • Zeke

    Its marketing to get you laughing so you’ll be distracted from the fact of how badly you and the rest of Canadians are getting &&@ked but the Telecons, I’m mean Telecoms in this country. $&@k you Telus. Now I wonder if they’ll have the guts to read this comment on YouTube? Probably not.

  • Fiddlesticks

    I love how the average number of complaints has been consistently going down in the last 5 years at TELUS while it’s on the higher side up and down at Bell and Rogers. Glad to be a TELUS customer, their customer service really is exceptional.