The TELUS Rewards CIBC Visa Card is Dead, No Longer Available


Last April, TELUS and CIBC joined forces to offer a new Visa Rewards card, which offered customers of the telecom the redeem points for products and services.

However, it appears the new card may not have been as successful as anticipated, as it is no longer offered for new customers. The CIBC webpage for the card states “this card is no longer offered”.

The page was still accepting applications back in August, but at some point since then, CIBC ended new applications.

Telus rewards visa cibc

The card offered 1-1.5 points per dollar spent, depending on purchases. Essentially, 500 TELUS points garnered would be the equivalent of $5.

TELUS still has an active page for the rewards card, allowing customers to check their points balance and redeem for products and services. But for now, new customers won’t be able to sign up for the rewards card.

Anyone using this card right now?

Thanks Bruce


  • Oh bummer. It’s one of my main cards right now. I have about $200 worth of points on it. It’s a nice deal. Got it thanks to your tip a while back here on the website.

  • Nice, Rod. Glad the card is working out for you!

  • FragilityG4

    Geez Rogers better not do this … I have quite a bit of dollars on my card …..

  • Bafoon

    how do i check my points?

  • Martha Billy

    As the card is no longer giving points CIBC bank cut up my Telus rewards card today and I have no history to retrieve my points to date – so now what – I’m quite sure I was close to $100 reward