TELUS SharePlus Data Promos End, 6GB Plan for $65/Month Returns


Back in September Telus offered a double the data promo on its 1GB-3GB SharePlus plans, to match similar promos from Rogers and Bell. As of today the promos have ended and the 6GB plan for $65/month has returned. The promos have also ended over at Rogers and Bell.

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With Christmas around the corner, if you missed out on these promos for the SharePlus plans, rest assured something else will be coming up soon.


  • Not Impressed

    WOW such an awesome deal!!! —–NOT!!!!

  • D Kup

    So, according to the big three, this is their definition of “Fair to Canada”.

  • Noel

    can one get 10% BYOP off?

  • Yes

  • Noel

    For $58.50 then on 10% BYOP this is the best plan around if you need 6GB, other than my 6GB unlimited Canada voice worldwide text plan from Virgin mobile whih is month-to-month.

  • The Man

    i still have my 6Gig for $30. I tether all my other mobile devices off that!!! hahahaha FU TELUS!!!!! I WIN! (barely)

  • Fireeast

    Everyone is forgetting that you need to include the phone which costs $55. So the real cost is $120 minus byod discount

  • Eric

    plus $55 month for calling features

  • Dave

    They win because they get your money every month.

  • Paul S

    With the new 2 year contracts, it doesn’t help if you like to upgrade with old price plans.

  • Tim

    It’s their new “Verizon declined to enter the Canadian market” special. Ugh.

  • mcfilmmakers

    They win. 6gb is a ridiculous limit, regardless of price.

  • the man

    ya i know…just trying to feel better in some way…

  • The man

    actually i use about 2-4 gigs a month….the price is still wromg

  • Jason

    F*** that!

  • Dinobert

    I was on the Verizon Website. They charge $100 for the equivalent package that TELUS charges $100 for. If you go by USD vs. CDN dollars Verizon customers pay more. Where are you people finding cheaper deals on Verizon, certainly not from their website.

  • steve

    $65/month just for data?

  • teshai

    this is nonsense as Telus told me just last week that they cannot renew my $65 plan as it no longer exsist so i will be off contract paying monthly. Refuse to leave this plan. They no longer give out 6G only 5G with unlimited talk and text for $105.

  • No name

    This is such a rip of. I paid75 for 6g plus 200 minute and unlimited 10 fav. They charge is more and more but they made it sound like it’s a BIG saving. Poor Canadian consumers.