TELUS SharePlus Plans to Increase by $5 Per Month on January 20


TELUS SharePlus plans are set to increase by $5 per month for the unlimited nationwide talk and text portions, starting on January 20.

According to an internal doc, MobileSyrup reports the details note “as a promotional offer until February 28th, 2014, new and renewing customers offers will remain at the same price point as today. Customers will receive double data on the 1GB and 3GB tiers as well as a $5 discount to their SharePlus talk and text rate.”

TELUS launched their two-year SharePlus plans back on July 30, which offers customers to choose a voice plan and data plan which allows shareable data to other devices. The move to two-year plans was in part a response to the CRTC Wireless Code of Conduct.

When it comes to wireless pricing in Canada, the Big 3 like to do the tango in unison, so one would expect similar pricing to come from Rogers and Bell.

Just a couple days ago Fido modified their price plans, which saw price adjustments and also a decrease of data and minutes for Smart Plans.


  • Roger Beans

    Cool story, bro. Still not renewing on any of these contracts. I’m happy with the legacy plan I have and if I have to, I will purchase hardware outright so as to avoid this highway robbery.

  • Sven L

    Yay, in a generation of breath-taking technological advancement we’re paying more for less! This is exciting…not.

  • Techie

    Ya they have to because Wind mobile is no more bidding for auction. Now these guys will whatever they want to…..

  • anonymous

    Rip off. I am paying 105 for unlimited nation wide talk and text, voice mail, caller id, 10 hours of tv and 6gb of data and this was just a standard plan from bell.