TELUS Introduces a New Critter: The Snow Leopard [VIDEO]


Today is International Snow Leopard day, as announced by the Snow Leopard Trust based in Seattle. It’s also the day TELUS has added a new furry critter to its animal family—the snow leopard.

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Announcing the newest critter to the TELUS family – the Snow Leopard. It’s a special day today for Snow Leopards everywhere on International Snow Leopard Day.

TELUS uses a variety of animals in its promotional materials, such as rabbits, cheetahs, pandas, butterflies, raccoons, frogs and more. One can only wonder what will come next…


  • Brian

    Man this site gets off topic

  • runner

    10.6 Snow Leopard WAS and STILL is the best OS release from Apple.
    Having a fresh reminder of snow leopards in 2015 is refreshing. 🙂

  • runner

    It is comments like yours that make me wish we could still thumb DOWN.

  • Johnny Drama

    Actually, what’s off topic is your mom makes a fantastic eggs benny for breakfast, especially when served by your sister in the morning.