TELUS Texting Rates to the US Increasing to $0.40 Starting May 1st


TELUS is increasing texting rates to the US made from Canada as of May 1st. The rate will increase to $0.40 per message sent, as noted on their website:

As of May 1st, the rate for text messages sent from Canada to international locations (now including Canada to US) will be increasing to $0.40/message.

Text messages sent from Canada to the US will no longer be included as part of the domestic text messages in your plan/add-on.

telus sms to USA

The last line seems to have caused some frustration for customers, as noted in a story from the CBC:

Kim Smith said she chose to sign up with Telus a year and a half ago because they offered a cell phone plan with unlimited texting to the U.S. and within Canada.

Smith said she has four children and one of them lives in Kansas.

“The easiest way to get a hold of, especially our son in the States, is to send him a text,” she said.

But starting May 1, Telus is changing its plans that include unlimited texting by adding an additional 40 cent fee for text messages sent to the U.S.

In response, TELUS spokesman Shawn Hall told the CBC the changes have been made because international texting is more expensive to the company:

“This helps us avoid the risk of having to increase domestic rates to subsidize international texting, which is more expensive for us to provide,”

Users can subscribe to monthly international text packages for $5 (100 messages) or $10 (unlimited) as alternatives to paying $0.40/text. Rates for Rogers and Bell customers to text US and international destinations is $0.35/message.


  • The added cost is all BS, iOpenMedia and others are petitioning the CRTC to put a stop to this.

  • Ck

    Hahaha what is this 2001? Telus, fuck off with the excuses

    Just use what’sapp and never give these telcos a penny.

  • JB

    I wonder if this change would constitute a change to the terms of the contract and allow for a cancellation…

  • faviann

    So for people having contracts in quebec, can we cancel our contract penalty-free (because of Bill 60)?

  • Reds-sarge

    It’s not so much the fact that prices are going up that makes me mad….it’s that for YEARS, US texting was included in my plan, and now it’s being removed. That’s just like removing all my minutes and forcing me to pay more to get them back.

  • WatDah

    I LOVE WHATSAPP. That is all.

  • gtasscarlo

    “This helps us avoid the risk of having to increase domestic rates to subsidize international texting, which is more expensive for us to provide,”

    What a bunch of bullshit, this is 2013 not 1997. No one is stupid enough to believe texting costs more.

  • Jon

    If its being removed you have the right to cancel without penalty.

  • Jon


  • mcfilmmakers


  • einsteinbqat

    What kind of rubbish is it?! O__o

  • rlt

    As for TULUS no!!! They Can Change the term of the plan and you cant do anything about it since they notify you 30 days ahead!

    If you Cancel you pay the penalty!

  • International texting is that much more expensive for them to provide? Indicating that it has been increasing in cost?!? How is it then that Fido has recently updated most of their plans to include unlimited international texting?

  • mcfilmmakers

    Not if the province has passed a law forbidding carriers from changing contract terms. Notice or not, changing terms means a user can cancel without penalty. 30 days notice doesn’t change the fact that the contract was changed. All it means is failure to cancel before the change means accepting the change.

  • derick

    Godo thing I got Imessage then

  • CP

    No, apparently not. I called to complain and somewhere in the extensive contract there is some small print that says they can increase the rates at any time. I was told if I and my two teenagers wanted to leave Telus early we’d have to pay the penalty that is over $600. I’m sooooo angry that I’m going to pay it and kiss their asses goodbye!! I’ve posted on Facebook to inform and ask my friends to join me in the boycott!!

  • Telus Sucks

    Bullshit! PROVE it costs more! Show the numbers! This is just Telus price gouging bullshit!

  • Lisa Waldo Marshall Blankenshi

    It doesn’t cost the company a penny more for texts, it is all data, they pay a set rate for the time that is used on the line and data streaming is a thousand times faster now, so it should cost less not more. They will give you bull about the new technology costing more with r&d, but they are full of it, since their shareholders are making more every year. I use a US Verizon phone, 1000 Canadian minutes, in US or while in Canada, no roaming charges, unlimited txts to Canada or US while I am in either Country, unlimited calling in the US, 4 GB data in the US, 3 phones, and I pay 185 per month. They will also provide an unlocked phone if you ask for it so you can change the sim. Telus sucks! But that’s what we get for having a duopoly in this country, there may be a lot of little “carriers” out there, but don’t let them fool you, most are subsidiaries of the Big Two. Good luck Telus customers.