Telus To Launch 42Mbps HSPA+ Network In 2011


Even though Canada seems to get technology last, we are definitely ahead of the curve when it comes to North American wireless speeds.

Back in September 2009, Rogers (and Fido) was the first North American wireless network to launch an HSPA+ 21Mpbs network. At that time, AT&T, the exclusive iPhone provider in the USA, was just building their 7.2Mbps network. Amazing.

Today, Telus has announced plans to introduce an upgrade to its existing HSPA+ network to 42Mbps sometime in 2011, doubling the current network speed in Canada. The technology, which is still early, will essentially act closer to LTE speeds.

Telus has reportedly already finished testing the new HSPA+ upgrade but the first device to use it will not be ready until 2011.

At this time, Rogers, Telus, Bell, Virgin, and Fido all use 21Mbps HSPA+ but in 2011, Telus may have up to 42Mbps. However, as imitation and not innovation rules in Canada’s wireless landscape, expect all of the carriers to launch a similar network around the same time.



  • Burgs

    First oooooooo yeah

  • Darkphos

    I received THE email from Telus: iphone now available to Telus. Great news…

  • Sparky

    Hopefully Apple will include a HSPA+ chip in their next iPhone device. That would be sick.

  • Sparky


  • BM

    Hey Ex,

    Bell and Telus built their current HSPDA network together. If Telus is upgrading “their” network, does that not mean that Bell will be also upgrading (since they run on the same network)?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Ex

    I believe so, but the report only referenced telus

  • U96178

    All these carriers should increase the bandwidth of their hubs first before claiming that they have HSPA+. In Canada, no device has reached that max speed of 21Mbps, even those that are suppose to be 21Mbps devices. The bottle neck in in their hubs.

  • Ejs_103

    does anyone know when telus is going to receive another shipment of iphone 4s?

  • RyleyLamarsh

    Wait till Shaw Wireless comes out. Should be the latest and greatest.

  • dnabyun

    wow.. glad I signed up with Telus with my 2 new 32GB iphone on Friday..

  • Hick

    Does this mean that my iphone 4 I just bought will be obsolete in 2011?

  • hick

    Doesn't mean your phone will be capable of running it

  • Hst20202010

    i know this is the wrong spot for me to ask this question so please forgive me,Can somebody PLEASE tell me when the next shipment for Fido iphon4 is coming in for surrey B.C?I am disabled and have a hard time getting around.Thank-You for your time

  • Even though Bell and Telus' current network is 21mbit, in reality, the speeds are closer to 4-6mbit… much like other wireless technologies perform much slower than their theoretical limits (You don't actually get 300mbit speeds over 802.11n. So, it stands to say that Telus' 42mbit connection will probably be closer to 12mbit in practice. Still, nothing to sneeze at!
    I mean, hell, my iPhone 4 gets around 500KB/sec down, and around 600KB/sec up over Telus' 3G+… that's pretty damn good for a PHONE. With the new network, the iPhone will likely be able to max out it's 7.2mbit connections… that's speeds of over 900KB/sec. Hot damn.

    Rogers needs to step up their game. They've only given HSPA+ to a select number of cities, whereas Telus and Bell have already brought HSPA+ to their entire network… and now Telus is doing this.

  • From the Engadget Report about the Telus upgrade:
    “Bell reached out to us to let us know that they're in the thick of testing dual carrier HSPA+ as well with trials on real-world cell sites kicking off this month, and that “no one's ahead of Bell in testing this technology.”

    So, that's good news 🙂

  • miscellanem

    Its not a surprise we're ahead of the States, considering how the Big Three rip us off. No lack of funds there

  • portacio

    Does anybody know if there still a line on Pacific centre apple store for iphone 4?

  • Kronk86

    It is great news that TELUS/Bell are upgrading their HSPA network, but a sad reality is that the majority of devices that will be capable of taking advantage of these speeds will most likely be Mobile Internet Keys/Sticks.

    The average smartphone has the ability to download at a theoretical rate of 7.2Mbps. Some phones next year will go up to 14Mbps. My TELUS Sierra Wireless 306 gets an average download speed of 10-13Mbps (faster then most home ISP's)

    I also want to point out that Canada is far ahead of the US carriers. Sprint's '4G' WiMax network gets average download speeds of 4-6Mbps. That is pathetic compared to ours here on the Big 3.

    We might pay 2% more on average then the Americans, but we have kick-ass networks here.

  • It will be by the summer of 2011. doesn't matter if Telus updates or not.
    Apple will launch its new iphone at that time, and we all will play this game over again.

  • It will be by the summer of 2011. doesn't matter if Telus updates or not. Apple will launch its new iphone at that time, and we all will play this game over again.

  • Mike

    Lol me too! And you know what the ironic part is? I was reading the email on my iPhone 4!!

  • Marisa

    Great news

  • Marisa

    U R right man

  • Tired of waiting

    And here I wait for Telus to have an iPhone available in Manitoba. Sigh!

  • Testme

    gee, think of all that data/radio-waves/radiation going through your skull, kinda scary if you ask me

  • Sparky

    I'm more worried about pollution and fast food diets and poverty. Take care of your body and you'll be fine. 🙂

  • Shaw sold their wireless “space” last year.

  • Os

    i think price will be the major concern =)