TELUS to Permanently Remove Activation/Renewal Fees on Oct. 15th


Is the $35 activation fee and renewal fee dead? It now appears that way as MobileSyrup reports TELUS is permanently eliminating the $35 activation fee on October 15th, along with the $25 renewal fees, as noted in an internal doc:

As we continue on our journey to put Customers First, TELUS introduces another significant improvement to the wireless customer experience.

Canadian wireless customers have long been charged activation fees by our carriers when signing new contracts and even charged when renewing terms. With our ‘Big 3’ carriers always acting in unison, you can bet Rogers and Bell will soon be responding with a similar announcement. Activation/renewal fees are about to go the way of the Dodo. Our carriers have frequently held ‘no activation fee’ promos in the past, so killing this fee would be great for consumers.

Earlier today, the CRTC reached out to Canadians for their input on what should be involved in creating a national wireless code. The elimination of these fees would be a great start.

Last June, TELUS was one of the first carriers to eliminate cancellation fees for easier upgrades.

Who’s happy about this?


  • turnoffyourmind1234

    Dammit – i JUST signed a deal with Telus about an hour ago and got dinged the $35

  • Acer12345

    Go back and complain and get your money back.

  • Juston

    I can speak from (some very recent) experience that you’ve got 14 days to reverse your renewal. But, they’ll probably just credit your account the $35. Telus is good like that.

  • Goodbye Rogers

    This is a good thing. Not sure why they need to wait until Monday to implement. Announce it and do it on the same day.

  • aRhyno

    its been a while since i paid one anyways, i always ask for it to be waived.

  • cUn1t

    I don’t work for Telus, however, I work for another carrier. Just call up when you get your first bill and ask for the fee to be waived. I’d just give you the credit no questions asked. Better to have a happy new customer rather then have you use your buyers remorse.

  • tmac

    Dude on the Telus website right now it clearly says no activations fee until October 14th….you got robbed by whoever activated your phone, I suggest you don’t deal with that location again…

  • turnoffyourmind1234

    does it matter if i brought over an unlocked iPhone, and didn’t buy a phone from them / sign a contract?

  • Simon B

    The activation fee has always been something that is negotiable with all three major carriers through retailers like Futureshop or Best Buy. The sale reps in these stores usually have connections with the carrier agents and can easily get the fee waived or in most cases, credit it back to your account in the next billing cycle. I’ve done this once with Rogers and once with Telus. I guess it’s good that they are finally getting rid of it.

  • Telus got to do something if they want to motive new costumer to sign contract . Due to her poor customer service and poor LTE and 3g reception stability .