TELUS Launches US Easy Roam for $7 Per Day to “Empower Customers”


After news of TELUS’ US Easy Roam offering leaked yesterday, the plan has officially been announced today.

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The roaming service costs $7 per day and uses a customer’s existing plan while in the USA. To activate US Easy Roam, customer just have to text TRAVEL to 7626 from their device. A text message will confirm the purchase and then customers can use their plans as normal while in America.

“Customers have told us that roaming is where they want us to provide more value and convenience, and we have responded,” said Kevin Banderk, vice-president, Mobility Marketing, TELUS. “We know our customers expect more and with US Easy Roam, customers on most monthly rate plans can easily and freely use their mobile devices just like they do at home without the need to add travel passes prior to each trip and removes the fear of unexpected roaming charges.”

To remove US Easy Roam, customers need to text REMOVE to 7626.

TELUS says US Easy Roam is “a cost-effective roaming option for short to medium-length trips to the US” at the $7 per day rate. The carrier says any overages are charged at their Canadian rate plan’s pay-per-use rates instead of US pay-per-use rates.

The $7 fee will be capped at $100 per bill cycle, with day 15 seeing a partial charge of $2. From day 16 onwards, you’ll be able to use US Easy Roam until the end of your bill cycle without any extra $7 fees. So when travelling, it’s important to know when your bill cycle begins and ends.

Compare this to Rogers Roam Like Home, which has a maximum charge of 10 days or $50, but is only eligible on Share Everything Plans, whereas TELUS US Easy Roam applies to “customers on a monthly rate plan other than a North American rate plan.” CDMA, Mike devices, prepaid and business customers are excluded at this time.

The company says customers can only have either the US Easy Roam plan or a US travel pass on their device, not both at the same time.

Let us know if you’re going to use TELUS US Easy Roam, stick to local SIM cards or third party services like Roam Mobility.


  • MikeJenkinson

    Good news. Glad Telus did this.

  • JB

    $7 a day? That’s a bit much, considering T-Mobile prepaid has $40 / month for unlimited data, talk, and text + up to 1GB of 4G LTE. And they’re double dipping… charging for for usage that takes place off their network, and deducting available data/minutes from your plan too.

  • It’s a good option. Would be more tempting at $5. Roam Mobility is $4 with unlimited everything but the hassle of switching SIMs and having a different number is enough to make me go with this $7 for a day trip to Seattle.

  • hub2

    It’s a good option for short stays, maybe a weekend. In fact, it replaces the $25, 3-day Travel Pass that was there just last weekend (which I used), which gave me unlimited minutes and text and 150 MB data.

    For anything longer than a few days though, the options are less cost effective overall, but it still makes more sense to get the $45 or $80 travel passes and reduce your usage where you can. Or just go with a local SIM.

  • If you compare it to the roaming charges from competitors in Canada, or compare it to what roaming charges were a few years ago, it’s not much at all.

    Obviously you can get cheaper rates by putting a local SIM card in your phone. That will likely never change. I’m sure T-Mobile charges MUCH more than TELUS does if you use one of their SIM cards in Canada. That’s just the way roaming works with Telcos.

  • SmartOneBC

    What a pathetic deal. You can purchase a phone cheaper in the USA and use it.

    $7 a day? Pass the lube please.

  • Luc Simard

    Telus should first fix their issues ! Or really they are not fixing it just to steal from people and make more money!
    I was charged for roaming data even if my phone was set to roaming off !!!!! Customer service said to select Airplane mode or Cellular data off to prevent this ! How stupid is it to have a roaming off function if it does not even work !
    I go to the US border very often and this is very annoying.