TELUS to Invest $1 Billion to Make Vancouver a Gigabit-Enabled City


This morning TELUS announced it would invest $1 billion in Vancouver to make it the “world’s next gigabit-enabled city.” CEO Darren Entwistle explained the details this morning, alongside Premier Christy Clark and Mayor Gregor Robertson, speaking at the Fairmont Pacific Rim.

Entwistle explained “Bringing fibre optic infrastructure directly to homes and businesses is a generational investment, and the most significant contribution our organization can make to propel Canada’s communications infrastructure and ensure its global competitiveness for decades to come.”

The company says TELUS Fibre “is among the most advanced communications infrastructure available in the world today, allowing dramatically faster Internet speeds and vastly more capacity than current network technologies.”

The new TELUS fibre optic network will bring 400,000 locations to the company’s landscape and allow download speeds of up to 150 Mbps.

TELUS also announced it would be investing $100,000 towards the Vancouver Public Library.

Through 2018, the company will also be investing an additional $4 billion to build out its infrastructure, bringing their total investment in the province to $47 billion, since 2000.

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Back in June, TELUS said Edmonton would be Canada’s first ‘Gigabit Society’ after similarly announcing a $1 billion investment. You can check when TELUS Fibre will be coming to your neighbourhood here.


  • If they view it as a necessary upgrade, as opposed to a way to charge more (on top of already outrageous fees) then it will be a good thing. More than 98% of employers in this country are small businesses, and they need affordable Internet access if they are to compete in today’s connected world. Telus’ recent decision to start charging people who go over certain usage makes me highly doubt that will be the case, but maybe they’ve learned that they have to provide the best services to keep up. It’s not an upsell opportunity, it’s their responsibility to stay current like any business. The competitive advantage will cover the cost.

  • JB

    Investing in the network? Great. Fibre optics? Fantastic. “Download speeds of up to 150 Mbps”? STOP CALLING IT GIGABIT!

  • BigCat

    150 Mbps 🙂

    I currently have Shaw 100. On a really bad day, say during the Christmas week I can get down as low as 73 Mbps. Normally the speed is nearly always around 95-98 Mbps. In the early morning you can expect to see 115-125 Mbps. This is for Coquitlam.

    The only thing Telus is doing here is basically fixing the bottleneck in their system. Just ask any family that has their Optik TV package.

  • Chris

    Last week, Bell Aliant Fibre Op released their gigabit service. Currently set to 940Mbps down, 100Mbps up with full gigabit and more sometime in 2016.
    My own home service is 150/50 but am getting 194/56

  • hobbes33

    Interesting. Last year they came around my neighborhood promoting their $1M fiber optic upgrade allowing higher speeds. They didn’t use the gigabit term. I signed up. Haha.

    Can someone explain me how this all works? Despite fiber optic upgrades we all have old copper (or whatever it is) lines in our houses. Isn’t that the bottle neck?

  • avrilko

    That must be a joke! ;D I am getting 940Mbits/110Mbits now in Halifax,NS. Future happened already a month ago in Nova Scotia! ;D Vancouver – gigabit city! ;D