TELUS to Make Vancouver First City in Canada with Free Wi-Fi in Taxis


If you need to feed your ever-growing Internet addiction, you will soon be able to do so in a Yellow Cab taxi in Vancouver, as the company has teamed up with TELUS to bring free Wi-Fi to its fleet, available to all passengers (regardless of mobile or Internet provider) and without a login requirement.

Free Wi-Fi in taxis will debut in the coming weeks, which both companies say marks Vancouver as the first city to offer free Internet access in taxis.

Anne-Marie LaBerge, Telus vice president, bank and marketing communications, told CBC News “Whether people are jumping in a taxi for a quick trip or a long ride, it’s the perfect time to catch up on email, post a selfie, stream some new music or video conference with a friend.”

According to president of Yellow Cab, Kulwant Sahota, “This new  technology will have no impact on taxi fares.”

The free Wi-Fi program is slated for one year and may be extended if successful. Passengers can easily logon to the network by clicking ‘yes’ to join on a landing page.

The service will be powered by the TELUS network and Colony Networks, a Vancouver-based company, available to Yellow Cab’s 350 taxis which will feature a TELUS logo on them.

TELUS continues to bring free Wi-Fi services to Vancouver. Last fall, TELUS launched a free Wi-Fi trial on select Translink bus routes in the city, while last week, the company won a contract to bring free Wi-Fi to 43 locations across Vancouver.

I guess if you have a limited data plan and want to stream YouTube during your cab ride while stuck in Vancouver traffic, this may be the way to do it.


  • Tim

    These “free wifi” initiatives on buses, taxis, etc are silly. If data was just reasonably priced, none of this would be necessary. The irony is that these hotspots are just routers with an LTE connection to one the big 3 anyway.

  • Zeke

    This is a great idea. So don’t get me wrong when I say this: I use a mobile hotspot for my own wifi network wherever I go because of security. I’m still not comfortable using free wifi.

  • Zeke

    I use 27 to 29 GB of data a month on my mobile hotspot. My bill is around $288, tax included, a month for the data. Im ok with that because I can easily afford it. I think it all comes down to what people can afford. The poorer you are the more expensive things seem. The richer you are the less you think things are expensive.

  • You could easily enable your own private VPN once connected to this free Wi-Fi network.

  • You get what you pay for, in this case free Wi-Fi at $0. While not for everybody, it’s still a service that’s free, but it doesn’t mean you have to use it.