TELUS ‘Your Choice’ Data Plans Change: More Data, Same Price


TELUS has made changes to their Your Choice data plans to three middle to high-level tiers, to basically make them ‘competitive’ with recent changes from Rogers and Bell.

Here’s what’s new: 

  • 2.5GB for $35 (+500MB)
  • 4GB for $45 (+500MB)
  • 7GB for $65 (+1GB)

Note the 2GB for $30 plan is available still until October 14, and from that date it looks to ‘disappear’:

Screenshot 2015 09 18 12 49 46

Earlier this month Rogers debuted new Share Everything+ plans, which also had new price plans for data buckets. Bell followed shortly after to make similar changes, and now we are seeing moves from TELUS.

For those with the legacy 6GB/$30 data plan, you’re probably smiling after seeing where prices have moved to.

While the extra data for the same price is great, at the end of the day, data still is deemed expensive in Canada compared to other countries. But hey, we’re all Internet addicts so we’ll continue to pay for data, no matter what, right?

[via MobileSyrup]


  • MrXax

    I was pretty happy with my 6GB for $30 until I realized I can’t get a subsidized iPhone 6S unless I give it up.

  • iFone

    Don’t. I am on the same boat, but after doing pretty basic math, I come on top after 1.5 years if I go with an unlocked, full price iPhone.

  • Sterling Archer

    That’s what I did for my 6+, there was no promise that I could keep my current plan, so Since I still don’t fully trust Wind, I decided to keep my plan, get a BYOD discount and pay outright.

    I can’t wait for the subsidy from Apple to start here.

  • OliChabot

    More data, same price ? There must be an error, someone will get fired for that. Impossible for the Big 3 to give us more.

  • Richibald

    Bracketed rate increase, nothing more. Cellular, the great Canadian rip off.

  • chickeee

    the Apple plan is more like an installment or lease plan, not really a subsidy. You’ll still pay $40/ month = almost $500 a year and not own the phone (but you can upgrade faster than 2 years)

  • Salinger

    You don’t keep the phone only if you choose to upgrade every year. If you want, you can continue your payments for the full 2 year term and keep the phone.

  • Sterling Archer

    But it still works out to being just a slight bit over retail after the 2 year period, and if you keep paying for the full term, it’s yours after it’s done.

    Compared to the fleecing from the current providers for their “subsidy”, you’re paying MUCH less getting it direct from apple.

  • Sterling Archer

    Ugh, sorry – You said exactly what I did. I should have read yours first.

    Apple’s plan is so much better for consumers.

  • chickeee

    Oh I thought the Apple plan was 12 months pay and trade

  • Matthew Paugh

    just buy the iPhone, its cheeper in the end