The Best, Cheapest Canadian Cellphone Plans Compared [PIC]


Global News has taken the time to determine what they believe is the best, cheapest Canadian cellphone plan right now. They created a script which was read verbatim to all cell carriers in Canada and asked how much it would cost for a plan based on the following usage of 450 minutes per month, moderate data and some long distance minutes:

We used a price comparison study conducted for the CRTC in 2012 by Wall Communications Inc. to find the average use of phone minutes and texts per month, and created a script which was read verbatim to each of the nine companies listed above. When asked (only by Telus and Mobilicity) the user location was Toronto, Ont.:

“I’m looking for a new cellphone plan. I checked my last few bills, and I use about 450 minutes a month. I send about 200 texts a month, and I’d need enough data to check my email and Facebook throughout the day. I have some friends in the U.S. so I make long-distance calls a couple times a month, as well. And I’d need to buy a new phone. So what’s the best, cheapest plan you can offer?”

The infographic below summarizes the prices from each carrier in Canada, with plans from the ‘Big 3’ based on a subsidy with an iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4:

Cellphone infographic 2

If you are a light to average iPhone 5 user, a decent plan would be Fido or Virgin’s $39/month plan with 600MB of data, 6PM evenings/weekends and 450 Canada-wide minutes. These plans are only available on two year terms, which means the only way you can use it with an iPhone is if you have your own purchased outright.

Currently, we are on the $56/month Fido plan with 2GB of data. We signed a two year term, got a $0 Android phone which we sold for $250 on Craigslist. When we signed up for the plan Future Shop ended up giving us $150 in gift cards as part of a weekend promo. So that’s our own $400 subsidy towards an unlocked iPhone 5 (32GB for $799 from Apple – $400 = $399 for an unlocked iPhone 5 = deal), bypassing carriers.

Our bills have not gone over the monthly amount and for months where we need more data, it’s only $10/GB, essentially making it a flex data plan. What’s your current iPhone plan right now? Full details of the Global News report can be seen here.


  • dan

    why isnt speakout included its most likely the best bang for the buck out there yet i never hear anything about them

  • Dustin

    The big 3 look like a complete joke compared to the entrants. Especially when you consider Koodo is on Telus’ network.

  • I’ve been told by many Rogers CSR (one of whom is a friend of mine) that I may have one of the best Rogers plans in Canada.. It’s comes partially from grandfathered, partially from loyalty, partially from Rogers giving me bonuses for them screwing up my bill so many times…

    I pay $63/month and get the following:

    -600 daytime minutes. It was 1000 but when renewed on my iPhone 5, I lost 400 bonus minutes
    -Unlimited Evening and Weekends from 6pm
    -Unlimited intl text
    -My 10 Canada Wide
    -6gb data

    I use YouMail for visual voicemail, so I dropped that $7 I was paying to Rogers.. I don’t have caller ID, which I kinda miss having.. But YouMail is working on an app they say.. And if I really want it, I could add it..

    I work for Virgin.. And just started recently, and they changed their staff plan.. Now it’s just 35% off whatever plan you get.. My wife (who also works there) got in before the change, pays $20 for 10gb data, 500 min unlimited evening/weekends//unlimited intl text.. If I was able to get that plan when I started working at virgin, I would have paid out my Rogers contract.. But my Rogers plan is really good compared to what virgin can offer me (which is sad since I wok there!!!)

  • Anthony

    This type of comparison is a joke. It leaves out some of the most important factors that customers care.

    -What kind of phones can you choose/get

    -Does it have LTE network

    -Reception quality


    Also, Mobilicity might have the cheapest plan but look at them now. What good can you do with a phone that can’t do anything even if it costs you nothing? Nothing.

    So far Fido serves me well and I am sticking to it for now.

  • Sidney R.

    My plan:
    200 weekday minutes (7am to 6pm) – Unlimited Eve/Wknd minutes (Evenings Starting at 6 pm)
    Unlimited Canada wide long distance
    Unlimited text, picture and video messages from Canada to Canadian, U.S and international wireless numbers
    Call Display – Voicemail – Unlimited Circle Calling – Call Waiting – Conference Call
    No agreement/contract
    $39 @ fido

  • batman

    This article has some errors in it. For one Telus and rogers charge less than the quoted $1.5 for calls made to the US. The rates quoted are for roaming. Secondly you can’t compare just on price alone. When you go for cheapest you normally sacrifice a few things so just keep that in mind.

  • Lee

    Amen to Speakout! Unlimited browsing for $10 per month! Everyone else is a sucker.

  • iv

    My Plan with FIDO:

    500 weekday minutes (7am to 6pm) – Unlimited Eve/Wknd minutes (Evenings Starting at 6 pm)
    Unlimited Canada wide long distance
    Unlimited text, picture and video messages from Canada to Canadian, U.S and international wireless numbers
    Call Display – Voicemail – Unlimited Circle Calling – Call Waiting – Conference Call
    No agreement/contract

  • anonymus

    You also can’t do an iPhone 5 on the 39 plan with any carrier. It will be minimum 50 plan. I work for a multi carrier. You can do a iPhone 4 on the 39 plan.

  • ToyLovers

    or you can buy your own unlocked from Apple and then get 10% off the $39 plan

  • Do your homework!

    Rogers has a long distance rate to US of $0.55 FYI Mr Speaker

  • Arnulfo

    What is the name of the plan or how do you got that? i am going to buy an iPhone 4s unlocked and i would love to have that amount of data for that amount of money. thanks.

  • Unsatisfied

    Why can any company just come up with a decent pay per use rate for voice and data. There would be some basic plan options to cover voicemail and call display, etc. but voice could be like 10 cent per minute and data could be like 1 cent per MB. Then you wouldn’t need all these different combinations of plans.

  • xyzz

    Not anymore.

  • xyzz

    My mistake.
    Disregard, please!

  • uhaa

    hey could someone help me out? all i need is unlimited data i live in a small town outside of toronto so i need good service, all i want on my plan is unlimited data it doesnt need talk or text also this plan needs to work on iphones and must be under $30 thanks so much

  • Jane

    I just talk to Rogers representative to upgrade my phone after going with them for 3 years. Told them I am unhappy that I have to pay $65 for 500MB, unlimited text only, and have to pay for every phone call. Representative said to me to either pay $110/month to get 6GB data, or suck it. Bringing my business elsewhere.

  • Wendy

    Business plan:
    1 Business line (landline)

    Business internet (with backup hub so if your power goes down you are still in business)

    2 smartphones which share 6GB of data and unlimited calling Canada wide, unlimited text, caller ID etc.

    ($400 port in credit per line=$800)
    email me for more details

  • Gforce27

    What phone do you have?