T-Mobile Launches $50 Unlimited Talk, Text, Data Plan for Canada, USA, Mexico


If you reside in the USA but visit Canada often, T-Mobile has launched a new $50 unlimited talk, text and data plan for $50, which covers Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

T-Mobile says you get unlimited calling to and from the U.S. to any number, including mobiles in Mexico and Canada. While roaming in Canada and Mexico you’ll get 4G LTE data “just like in the U.S.”

The plan includes up to 1GB of 4G LTE data (which slows down after that), with 3GB and 5GB data add-ons for $10 and $20 per month extra, while unlimited is $30.

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Of course, T-Mobile says there are rules for this plan, noting it’s not for extended use and you must reside in the U.S., according to the fine print:

Not for extended international use; you must reside in the U.S. and primary usage must occur on our U.S. network. Service may be terminated or restricted for excessive roaming or misuse.

Below is a list of the Canadian cities that have 4G LTE support for T-Mobile roaming:

Banff National Park
Bay of Fundy
Niagara Falls
Quebec City
St Johns

T-Mobile users that have roamed in Canada have been connected to WIND Mobile, Rogers, TELUS and Mobilicity, part of roaming agreements the U.S. carrier has with its partners here.

If you’re in the U.S., and will be testing out this plan in Canada, let us know how it works out for you. Meanwhile, Canadian wireless users can only salivate at the price and coverage of a plan like this.

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  • Max

    I m heading down to the states next SATURDAY
    i will be sign up on this plan there is loophole for Canadian for this
    don’t have reside in U.S

    Canadian can get on this plan $50 4G LTE also

    open up an account with T MOBILE

    – Canadian passport number
    – U.S Address you can (Shipping Address) try mymallbox . com will work

    I will let you guys know next week if everything went smooth

  • Chrome262

    i have gotten a Tmobile pay as you go account that i have used before when i visited. its 3 to 4 bucks a day and its pretty good. You don’t need much Id and if you have a credit card you are in. Not sure I would what Max is trying to do, I am sure you could get any of those third party dealers to get you in but this is a contract, who knows what they could do to you once they feel you violated it. Plus the run a credit check, if you don’t have US credit it will come back as negative. Actually this would be easier for me as i have family in the states

  • prashanna

    Many go across for gas and groceries, a lot of Canadians will go across
    for phone service now Way cheaper then Canadian cell phone prices
    even with the exchange,rate there will be loophole for this. you can also have data, text, and talk
    across North America
    pretty sweet deal

  • Adam

    Or just use Roam Mobility, which charges $4 a day for unlimited use on T-Mobile’s network, and is actually intended for Canadians?

  • Salinger

    You may be able to sign up, but do you know for sure they will waive the restriction on the amount of international roaming you can do before cutting you off? I really don’t see them allowing you to roam on Canadian data for the bulk of each month.

  • INavin Kalimuthu

    Does anyone know what carrier tmobile will use when roaming in Canada? I hope its not wind

  • Chrome262

    Have used Roam a few times, and the speed is pretty slow, and i was forced to buy a Tmobile card instead, the coverage was spotty with Roam.

  • Anon

    I call BS. They will terminate your account for excessive roaming in Canada. Did you not read the article? I also verified this with TMobile.

  • Lynn

    We are from the States and just switched to T-mobile because my son will attend school in Toronto, Canada. So, he will be in Canada the majority of the year and come home on holidays & the summer. So, it remains to be seen if they will terminate him from the plan or not (I will try to follow up on that). Secondly, we drove into Canada, crossing the border at Sarnia & had no issues w/service. The carrier switched to Telus; generally speaking riding down the 401, we had service the majority of the time. He will be in Thornhill and we stayed in a hotel in Vaughan and the carrier switched to Bell. Besides some typical glitchy IPhone type of problems, overall the service has worked these last 2 weeks. No overages, hidden charges, extra roaming fees so far (as I have checked). We were able to use all of our services including pairing my Bluetooth w/my car and all of the “normal” things we would do at home w/the phone. I really am shocked so far; I’m still expecting the shoe to drop from somewhere but so far, so good – TMobile has kept their end of the bargain. If anything changes, and we will know…I will follow up w/a post. – Lynn

  • Thanks for sharing Lynn, and welcome to Canada. Telus and Bell share a network here for 4G/LTE. Hope your son enjoys his time here!

  • Ghost D.

    It works perfectly even if you live in Canada as Canada & Mexico are now part of “Simple choice plans” for T-Mobile.

    However : You can’t buy the mobile phone by monthly payment (as you need an US SSN equivalent to our SIN). So, if you come with your phone or want to buy the new phone directly in one time payment at the branch there, you are golden.

  • Christian

    to good to be true !! but if you use mostly in canada they will terminate account! of course since they dont want to lose money i woudl love to try it since i have home in florida!

  • Christian

    keep me posted how it works for you max

  • Jim

    any update on this? MAX???

  • Jim

    anyone have updates on what was written below,, my buddy has one of these phone, lives in canada, uses it all the time, no issues,,

  • dutchnesss

    Would love to know if this worked for you or not, and if they terminated your plan.

  • TypicalHighSchoolStudent

    As an American student who will be attending the University of Toronto next year, I am interested to hear your follow up.

  • Mark

    Telus and Bell. It changes month to month.

  • Dave

    Max: Update.
    Max was jailed for cell phone fraud.
    He will be released from jail in 2019.

  • Lori House

    there isn’t t mobile in Canada?

  • BA

    I think for these monthly plans you have to be a US resident and present ID and all that. Butttt he may be able to get the unlimited data plan which is still cheaper than anything in Canada. Who needs a phone line anyway – get a freakin Google number onlinr or somethig

  • BA

    Buy the sim off amazon for 10 bucks

  • Tannie Meyer

    We are planning a cruise to Mexico and Roam doesn’t cover down there anymore. Trying to find an alternative.