Videotron Launches Apple Music Support for Unlimited Music Service


Videotron has officially announced its Unlimited Music service now supports Apple Music, which we earlier reported was under testing at the beginning of the month. Apple Music is the 15th music service added to Unlimited Music.

“Unlimited Music reflects Videotron’s desire to offer the most innovative mobile service there is,” said Bertrand Hébert, Vice-President, Marketing, Videotron, said in a statement. “The addition of Apple Music to the catalogue of supported streaming apps demonstrates the growing interest in Unlimited Music among both consumers and the industry. Unlimited Music, the first service of its kind in Canada, gives music-lovers a new way to listen to their favourite music, anywhere, anytime.”

Unlimited Music allows users to stream from popular supported music services without taking from their data plan. Videotron says their LTE network now covers 90% of the Quebec population and can support speeds up to 150 Mbps.

Videotron customers will require a Premium plan to access Unlimited Music, which starts at $66 per month with 6GB of data and unlimited nationwide calling.


  • Lakh Jhajj

    Wish we lived in Quebec , huh Gary??

  • mcfilmmakers

    I have this with the 99$ for 9gigs plan

  • Wilbour

    Just to be clear, although the Videotron network is only available in Quebec and Ottawa, they have in place an agreement with Rogers and other carriers across Canada. What this means is although you are roaming outside their network you do not pay extra. Unless you are in a remote area for more than 3 months at a time. I an in Ottawa and travel across Ontario and stream music continuously without any extra charges