Videotron Launches $79.95 Business Plan with 30GB Data


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Videotron has released a new business plan with 30GB of data for $79.95 per month for business customers in Quebec..

Unlimited local and long-distance calls within Québec at any time, and get:

  • 30 GB of data for Internet on your mobile
  • Call Display
  • Voicemail feature (up to 35 voicemails)
  • Unlimited text messaging
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Conference Calling
  • Free, unlimited local and long-distance calls to all other Videotron phone customers
  • No network access fee is required
  • You can keep your current phone number
  • Dial 6-1-1 on your phone to reach Technical Support, Customer Service and Repairs
  • Emergency service (9-1-1)

Videotron yesterday also announced it has lowered its international roaming rates to the U.S., Europe and Caribbean. New unlimited texting options are available for the USA as well. Below is a summary of what’s new:

  • Unlimited texting in the USA at only $10 per month for regular and business customers.
  • Data roaming charges in the U.S. have been harmonized with the Canadian rate and reduced from $0.40/MB to only $0.15/MB.
  • European data roaming is being reduced from $1/MB to $0.60/MB.
  • Caribbean rates are being slashed by 50% to $1/MB for data and $0.60/min for calls.

Quebecor, Videotron’s parent company was able to purchase four 700MHz license in four provinces, which will allow it to reach 80% of the Canadian population. There’s no word whether the company will plan to launch nationally or wait and see if a larger carrier will purchase its spectrum, which it was able to bid on easily with no direct competitors.


  • Tim

    Interesting, if they allow tethering they’re starting to get into the range of offering an alternative to light users of home based internet. Too bad it’s only 3g, though I’ve seen the reports that it’s on the upper end of 3G

  • Farids

    Oh wow!!! At those data sizes and that price plan, I don’t mind the 3G data. This may be the start in game change we’ve all been waiting for.. That is if Videotron goes national and attempts to take business off the big 3. I for one will jump at it.

  • johnnygoodface

    Good for competition! Listening Rogers, Telus and Bell????

  • Anon

    They would have to hit it at the National level to get the big 3’s attention.