Videotron Wants to Work with the CRTC to Keep Unlimited Music Service Going

The CRTC last month ordered Videotron to cease its Unlimited Music service to customers, as of July 19, 2017, part of a ruling axing the practice of differential pricing, where telcos are able to charge different prices for various data streams.

Videotron’s Unlimited Music service allowed customers to stream from music services like Apple Music, without affecting their monthly data plan.

The Quebec carrier has filed a review application this morning with the CRTC, “in order to minimize the impact on customers who are already using the service.”

Videotron says it is now “asking the CRTC to permit measures that would allow customers who are enjoying the service launched two years ago a smooth and advantageous transition.” The company says it “shares the CRTC’s commitment to putting Canadian consumers first.”

Unlimited Music was a service launched by Videotron in the fall of 2015.

What do you think? Should companies be allowed to have differential pricing to offer services like Videotron’s Unlimited Music?

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  • raslucas

    There has got to be a way to give us the ability to skip the data bill for services like this Unlimited streaming, Bell’s Mobile TV, and maybe Rogers’ Gamecentre without creating the devastation that Net Neutrality proponents say will happen if someone zero-rates a web service. I wouldn’t even be that disappointed if it was a by-permission system… with some clear guidelines for what they would be approving or rejecting…

  • Corey Beazer

    Easy solution… charge remarkably less for data

  • mcfilmmakers

    Yeah, the solution is unlimited data.

  • mcfilmmakers

    Nope. Easier solution: unlimited data.

  • TwitchyPuppy

    At least rollover.
    So either way, I won’t mind loosing my Unlimited Music (if that happens).

  • Kevin D.

    There’s only one answer to this. If the CRTC’s commitment was really about putting Canadian consumers first, the data caps would be abolished and we would all enjoy unlimited data, especially since it’s an infinite source, which doesn’t matter to anyone. Data caps are just a money scam. If the CRTC’s commitment was really towards us, we wouldn’t even be talking or arguing about this!!!

  • David Milette

    Data is data guys… it’s zeros and ones going by…. There should be no delta in cost to allow for open market competition. The answer is lower our data prices to be more inline with elsewhere in the world and offer an unlimited data option.

  • TwitchyPuppy

    Well, if Rogers didn’t cry about that in the first place, it would’ve helped.

  • TwitchyPuppy

    At least rollover (I believe that, for now, we’re more likely to have that than unlimited. chatr offers it but they throttle you at 64kbps once you go over your monthly data allotment, which is dialup speed. Not really convenient!).

  • mcfilmmakers

    Rollove wouldbe a good start

  • TwitchyPuppy