Videotron Promo: Double Data on Premium Plans, Starts at $48.95 for 6GB


If you’re a Videotron customer in Quebec on a Premium plan, it’s time to call in and get double the data. Right now, the company has a promo where all plans with 3GB or higher get double the data.

BYOD prices now work out as follows:

  • 6GB – $48.95
  • 8GB – $55.95
  • 10GB – $63.95
  • 12GB – $69.95
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All Premium plans includes unlimited anytime minutes anywhere in Canada, along with unlimited streaming music (includes Apple Music), unlimited SMS/MMS and the usual extras. Data overages are charged at $7/GB, which is much cheaper than Rogers, Telus or Bell.

Also note, if you add additional lines to your account, you can save more on each line in the same account (via RFD):

2 people = 5$ off
3 people = 10$ off
4-7 people = 15$ off

The plan is only available in Quebec, although some users on RFD note customers in Ottawa may be able to get ahold of this promo.

Let us know if you’re going to switching to any of these promo plans. No word on when they will end.


  • Matt

    Oh man would I love unlimited streaming here in BC *cough* ROBELUS *cough*

  • So Young

    theses promos are crazy. Rogers last week, now videotron, is this a sign of more affordable plan on the future?

  • Jay

    nope… just companies trying to lock people into plans before the new phones come out later this year and you consider changing services…

    The prices will go back up, its just the sale season -_-

  • Seb

    Just can’t wait on how Fido, Koodo and Virgin will react to this promo. I was going to add Bell to the list but who am I kidding…

  • bbousquet

    They aren’t locking people in. Those are BYOP plans – they are trying to attract customers.

  • Punisher713

    They refused to give me the byod promo when I called, saying that even if my 2 year agreement was over and paid for a year and a half, the phone was from Vidéotron so I had to take a new agreement. They wanted to make me pay my phone twice! I went to Rogers and got a better price, I’m currently in the process of switching provider.

    I always loved Vidéotron, but this is fraud and I’m not going to let this happen…

  • Ipse

    Absolutely new customers only. May want to add that info before people get their hopes up….Like me.