Videotron Revamps Fibre Hybrid Internet Plans

Montreal-based Videotron says it has revamped its residential Fibre Hybrid Internet Plans, with new free modem rentals for new 30, 120 or 200 Mbps plans. Also, the 120, 200 Mbps and Giga plans now have unlimited data usage.

The move comes as Videotron wants to “afford customers greater flexibility” with these “very reasonable prices”, as six pricing tiers are now available, from $42.95 to $149.95 per month (for Giga).

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Videotron also explains the recent addition of Fibre Hybrid Giga service (up to 940 Mbps at $149.95/month) in some areas means customers can surf the Internet even faster.

How will these plan adjustments affect your existing Internet with Videotron?

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  • Jesse

    It’s silly have they have that low of caps on the 10 and 30 plan..

  • Agreed. But for people who don’t stream video and just use email…

  • Jesse

    They’re most likely to use the hybrid 5 plan

  • Daniel Bley

    I’m paying 62.95$ for the 30/10 plan, with 450GB cap though.
    This 120/20 plan doesn’t sound too bad… maybe next year! 🙂

  • bbousquet

    I’m still on the promo plan from last year (15mbps/10mbps with 300gb/month for 44,95$). Not the fastest but it suits our needs, bandwidth wise. I can add blocks of data for 5$ per 25gb i think.

  • Tim

    I’m paying $53.95 for the 30/10 plan. Have had it for a few years so it looks like they’re just upping their prices.

  • mcfilmmakers

    Lol, you can add unlimited for 15$. How on earth does 300gb suit your needs?

  • mcfilmmakers

    Which is over priced by 20$

  • Jesse

    I’m still enjoying my 150/15 Shaw internet. $50 bucks for the first year and 80 for the second.

  • bbousquet

    Possibly because different people have different needs? Why would I pay 15$ extra if I won’t use it?

  • Brew

    Looks like I will get 20g more of data a month … Sounds good

  • Ms_Blue

    the new pricing is only good for a year (12months) after that on the 13th month price change.