Videotron Gives Free Data to Customers After CRTC Ruling Ends Unlimited Music


Videotron’s Unlimited Music service allowed customers to stream music from a variety of services, including Apple Music, without impacting the allotment of their monthly data plan.

The CRTC ruled in April for Videotron to end its Unlimited Music service, as part of ruling on differential pricing, the practice of charging various prices for different data streams.

In letters being sent out to customers Videotron explains their Unlimited Music service will shut down on August 4, 2017. In a move to allow customers to keep listening to music, Videotron is offering a free data add-on, an amount determined by a customer’s highest music data consumption in the past 12 months.

iPhone in Canada reader Kevin explains he was granted a 4GB add-on to his existing $61.55/6GB BYOD plan, giving him 10GB for $61.55 per month. While the offer is free data, Kevin notes Videotron’s existing “Double your data” promo offers similar plans, with a comparable plan being $63.95 for 10GB data, similar in nature to his promo offering.

Check out his letter below en français:

Videotron letter

According to readers over at MobileSyrup, they’re seeing free add-ons between 2GB and 8GB per month. So it really depends on a customer’s Unlimited Music usage to see how much data is being given per month.

Videotron launched its Unlimited Music service back in the fall of 2015. How much free data are you seeing from Videotron?


  • Oli

    I got a similar letter. I have multiple lines on my account and each line is getting a different amount of free data add-on (from 1Gb to 8Gb). In my case, I have a “3Gb + 3Gb” double data plan, and got 8Gb of add-on for losing unlimited music. That brings my plan to 14Gb… for 33.95$ (BYOD + multiple lines discount). I’m quite happy with this deal!

    Kevin from the article should consider changing his plan to a 3Gb + 3Gb ans making sure he keeps the free data from the letter. He could save a few dollars.

  • Mario Gaucher

    I’ve got 4 lines…
    Two will get 4GB extra and two others will get 1GB.
    I’m happy with that because this matches our usage.

  • Bleep Bloop

    Yeah, same here. I got a notice saying I get an extra 1GB based on my previous history. I’m happy with this result – restores my faith in net neutrality and videotron is making good on their word. I switched from Telus earlier this year for the 4+4 plan, and im not looking back. happy customer here!

  • Stephane Racine

    I guess I listen to music a lot, they offered me an additional 8GB!!! I’ll be at 14go. That’s awesome!!!

  • 14GB! o_0

  • Stephane Racine

    Sorry, it’s the french for GB. I really wonder how the other wireless players will respond to this?

  • Genevieve

    I got 8 go for total of 16go a month for 80$