Videotron iPhone Users: Visual Voicemail Now Available for $5/Month


Videotron iPhone users now have access to Visual Voicemail, probably one of the best features of the iPhone for those that get a lot of messages.

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The company notes it will cost $5 per month and it’s “included in most of our plans”. It’s probably best to call in and check to see what your options are.

Videotron first launched iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sales last March and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales on September 26.


  • JfromC

    I already have visual voice mail, a little red dot appears on my phone icon. That’s visual enough for me.

  • Vincent Cadieux

    Wow, I just called Videotron to see if it was included in my plan. I had the page opened directly in my face with the text “Included in most of our plan” just below the price.

    The guy had to look around as it’s a new thing, put me on hold he came back saying it’s not included in any plan, I told him to look at the web page and he wasn’t seeing the text…I refreshed the page and the text is gone !

    So it’s 5.00$ / month whatever plan you have.