Videotron Launches $79.95 Per Month Unlimited Data Plan


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Videotron users who don’t need unlimited nationwide talk but rather unlimited data instead, the company has launched a new “limited time only” $79.95 per month plan this morning to suit your needs. Here’s what’s included:

  • Unlimited data (Fair usage policy applies)
  • Unlimited local and long-distance calls within Québec and greater Ottawa region
  • Unlimited text, photo and video messaging
  • Call Display
  • Voicemail (up to 35 voicemails)
  • Call Waiting and Conference Calling

As you can see there is unlimited local and long distance calling within Quebec and the Greater Ottawa region only, unlike the existing unlimited North America plan at $71.95 per month plan with 6GB of data. With more and more people using data over voice nowadays (don’t call me unless you’re on fire), this plan might be popular for data-hungry users.

For those with compatible AWS iPhones on the Videotron network, you may be interested in this new plan—it’s available until February 4, 2014. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.


  • Ian

    I looked, but can’t find anything on their unlimited data “fair usage policy”.

    I don’t know what restrictions apply, since “unlimited” doesn’t mean unlimited 🙁

  • “Videotron starts managing Unlimited Voice and data customers’ Internet traffic when their data usage exceeds 5GB within a given billing cycle.
    Once the 5 GB mark has been surpassed, Unlimited Voice and data plans’ download and upload speeds will be put in low priority. Depending on the severity and duration of Internet traffic on Videotron’s network, upload and download speeds may be slowed. However, even after a customer has exceeded 5 GB of data use, they may still be privy to unused normal-priority upload and download bandwidth.”

    There’s a link to their policy in the plan description.

  • IAN

    So it’s “unlimited” till 5GB than it’s throttled… 🙁

    I have a 6GB data plan included, but it’s not throttled yet any “overage” is billed at $.05 MB (or $50 a Gig, which is outrageous)

  • Flossy Flex

    PLEASE STOP advertising “unlimited” plans that get throttled after 5-6 gigs, that’s sweet fuck-all these days. There’s nothing unlimited about that.