Videotron Multiple Line Discount Promo: Plans as Low as $34.95/6GB to $58.95/9GB


Videoton has a BYOD promotion right now which offers multi-line discounts on their Premium plans. If there are two people on an account, each person saves $5/month. If there are three people, it goes to $10/month off and if there are four people or more, each line saves $15/month.

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Right now, Premium plans have an ongoing promo with extra data, so you can work out how much you’ll save with extras lines.

If you have four or more lines, here is the maximum discount you can get at $15/month off:

  • $34.95 for 6GB (normally $49.95)
  • $42.95 for 7GB (normally $57.95)
  • $50.95 for 8GB (normally $65.95)
  • $58.95 for 9GB (normally $73.95)
These lines include unlimited Canada-wide calling and global SMS/MMS and the data you see is for each line, not shared.
Data overages are $7 per gigabyte, or $0.70 per 100MB, which is one-tenth of what Rogers and Bell are charging at $70 per gigabyte.
Users on RFD are saying it’s available for customers in Quebec, plus those in Ottawa. If you can have a big family and each member needs lots of data, these discounts are very good, as a family of four can each get 6GB of data, while their total bill is only $139.80 per month.
Let us know if you’ll be switching over from Rogers, Telus or Bell if you’re in Quebec. Get prepared for the Big 3 to match this soon…


  • Danlauz

    What about using our cell in usa or europe like Rogers ?

  • bbousquet

    They already have that.

  • It’s Me

    And the rest of Canada continues to get screwed while the government and regulators pretend nothing is wrong.

  • MathieuM

    Is Vidéotron hoping that its customers skipped math class? Why would anyone pay in advance for more than 6 GB if each overage 1 GB is $7?

    6 GB = $34.95

    6 + 1 GB = $41.95 ($34.95 + $7), which is $1 less than advance paying for the 7 GB plan at $42.95

    the difference adds up for each additional GB, maxing out at a $3 difference for 9 GB:
    6 + 3 GB = $55.95 ($34.95 + 3 x $7), versus $58.95 if advance paying

    Either way, pretty great deal for 6 GB if you can get 4 people in on it! If I remember from reading Vidéotron’s fine print in the past, something like 50% of the data need to be used on their local network (Québec, Ottawa) over 3 months for them to keep the plan active (i.e. you cannot use the majority of the data in this plan elsewhere in Canada)

  • DVD_Guy

    i am using Videotron… it’s the same as the big 3… $7/day for the US and $10/day for elsewhere.

    I was recently in the UK and used it for 2 days and then switched. Unless you need your number, it’s much cheaper to use a pay as you go SIM. I got an O2 SIM with 2GB, 2000 texts, and 750 mins. for £15 (valid for 1 month). On a side note, even though number changed, because I had existing iMessage dialogs, they continued to work without any interruption.

  • Le Tuxedo

    Thanks Gary,
    Spend over an hour with Fido, no way to get the same deal (talking about the $5 per person part). We are new Vidéotron costumers. Some friends might join us soon. Any idea how long this deal will last?

  • Cheers!