Videotron Promo: 6GB All-Inclusive $59.95/Month Plan Returns


Videotron has brought back its $59.95 unlimited plan with 6GB of data and unlimited calling, SMS/MMS, voicemail and caller ID. It also includes a 5 hour illico mobile TV plan free for a year. Back in June Videotron released a similar promo plan but it included unlimited calls to the USA as well.

There is also a $44.95 per month promo plan which offers the same as the $59.95 plan but comes with only 500 MB of data.

Some unlocked AWS iPhone 5 users on Videotron might be interested in this plan, although LTE is not yet available, but plans are in the works to build the network with Rogers.

Videotron’s parent company, Quebecor, recently spoke out against the arrival of Verizon, saying the US carrier opening up shop here would be “catastrophic” for regional carriers.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on these promo plans.


  • ????Dennis

    This is exactly why I want Verizon! If they can offer this amazing plan in Quebec, why not Ontario? We get screwed in Ontario. I’d jump on this in a second. Hearing about plans like this just pisses me off!

  • Jay

    Only downside is they dont have LTE (yet) and videotron is reknown for having dropped calls and terrible reception.

    Cant get in touch with most people who are with Videotron because they dont have reception in their own home!

    kind of a trade off really

  • crosseyed_mofo

    i wouldnt say its the same plan, last one at same price was unlimited north america calling

  • JCC

    Videotron Mobile is available in Ottawa Ontario .Just go St-Laurent shopping center .

  • Al

    Verizon isn’t going to give you this kind of pricing. They will be the same as the big 3, with maybe an extra feature or two if we’re lucky.

  • steve

    Sorry but that’s not true. I have been with Videotron for 2 years and reception is excellent and always have 12+ mbps. That unlimited north america and 6gb plan was the very best at 60$. Im sure happy i jumped on it.

  • BCKid

    I got this from Fido for over a year. I have never gone over with this plan.
    6GB LTE

    300 minutes
    unlimited incoming calls
    unlimited evening and weekends
    unlimited text message
    Caller ID
    Voice Mail

    I love it! I always buy my phones unlocked though.

  • Cyrus Wu

    Does Videotron cover Ottawa, Ontario?

  • Jay

    You are the first person to give me positive feedback on Videotron, where abouts do you live?

  • Sn0wbuzzed

    Does Anyone have been able to deal the same deal with Rogers ? Or any other of the Big 3 ?