Videotron: T-Mobile iPhone 5 is Compatible on Our AWS Network



Earlier today T-Mobile announced it would sell an AWS spectrum supported iPhone 5, a modified version of the US and Canadian GSM model (A1428) to its customers. Engadget received confirmation from Apple future A1428 models as of April 12th will be modified to support AWS LTE and HSPA+ networks, which means this model will work in Canada on WIND Mobile, Mobilicity and Videotron.

Videotron this afternoon has publicly stated in an interview on (French) the T-Mobile iPhone 5 will work on its HSPA+ network on the AWS spectrum (Google Translation):

Videotron announced Tuesday that the compatibility of the new version of the iPhone 5 with its network could allow it to offer its customers.

“The new version of the iPhone 5 is compatible with HSPA + networks running on the AWS band, could actually allow Videotron to offer this device,” the company told us Tuesday.

Other than stating and confirming this AWS supported iPhone 5 would work on their network, the company did not comment on whether it would sell or not sell the iPhone. Last May, Quebecor’s chief executive Pierre Karl Péladeau stated in an interview, “If we had the iPhone, it’s undeniable that we would have more customers.” Videotron’s parent company also noted in that particular interview they tried numerous times to reach out to Apple to inquire about the iPhone. Only time will tell if the iPhone makes its way to our newer wireless entrants.

Earlier today, reports also speculated a major US telco was interested in acquiring WIND Mobile, which has been rumoured to be for sale. The timing of this story was particularly interesting as it coincided with T-Mobile’s announcement of releasing an AWS spectrum supported iPhone 5 on April 12th.

Would you switch networks if the AWS iPhone 5 makes its way into Canada?

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  • VanK

    Providing T-Mobile is that illusive ‘major US Telco’ and they will provide AWS-enabled iPhone 5 for Canadian customers, how can I say this without sounding too eager … In a NY Minute!!
    If/When that happens, the big 3 will truly feel the pinch, where the Canadian consumer will benefit from a real competition.

  • unfortunately I already have an iPhone 5, though unlocked, it can’t work on Wind. I was hoping for support for it when my contract is over next year

  • Pure 5

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Praise The Lord!!! Lol I can’t wait to stick it to the Big 3 and will even go as far as selling my paid for Virgin iPhone 5 buying the T-mobile version, even though I may not get LTE from wind yet, just so I do not have to give another penny to the blood sucking big 3

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Well I’m currently paying Fido $84 a month for unlimited everything (no visual voice mail) plus 6GB of data (which is no longer offered). I would go to WIND in a heartbeat for a $40 plan. I’d be crazy saying no to a savings of $44 a month.

  • I’m headed to NYC this weekend, and I’m tempted to buyout a T-Mobile iPhone 5, get it unlocked, and bring it back to try it with Wind. Though I’ll likely have to figure out how to (carefully) cut down the Wind SIM card for the iPhone 5.

  • Crap. It doesn’t go on sale until April 12th. Maybe a run to Buffalo in a couple of weeks, then? Hopefully we can get some confirmation from Wind in the meantime … do Wind and VideoTron use the same type of AWS?

  • Yes

  • Let us know if you do end up doing this, we’d love updates! thx

  • Sure! If I do make the trip, I’ll let you know the result.

  • osita Okeke

    I really need to unlock my iphone 5s is locked to videotron