Videotron Announces Switch to 2 Year Plans Without Price Increases


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Videotron has announced today it will now offer two year term wireless plans instead of three years, but at no extra cost to existing rates.

“Since it entered the mobile telephone market exactly three years ago, Videotron has always sought to differentiate itself from the competition,” said Manon Brouillette, President and Chief Operating Officer of Videotron. “To do so, we have reshaped the market by offering exceptional, unprecedented plans that deliver the best mobile technology experience on the market.”

The company says “in another example of its inclination to do things differently”, its new enhanced mobile plans will stay at the same prices “unlike its competitors.”

Videotron has offered competitive rates plans giving Rogers, TELUS and Bell a run for their money, as incumbent players have started to offer exclusive plans in Quebec to compete against the regional carrier. Videotron offers a $44.95 per month plan with unlimited calling and 500MB of data or their all-inclusive 6GB plan for $59.95 per month, which are proving to be popular in the province.

In response, TELUS-owned Koodo recently lowered one of their 1GB unlimited Canada-wide calling plans to $45 per month, just edging out similar region-specific offers from Fido, Bell and Virgin Mobile.


  • Chrome262

    ugg why aren’t they national? enough of these companies around Canada and the Big 3 will have to play ball. Good for them by the way

  • Darko81

    It’s too bad they aren’t a national company. They could create some real compettion.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    selfishly, a part of me hopes they dont go national if only because i fear it may affect their impeccable customer service, yep, its that good

  • Hidden

    They have 400 towers across QC, it’s easy to talk shit when you barely cover the only province you operate in.

  • Dear Videotron: Please expand. We in the rest of Canada hate Rogers, Tell, and Bell, and you’re looking pretty nice over there in la Belle Province.

    Signed: The rest of Canada. Especially Ontario, Wink Wink, nudge nudge.

  • reformcanada

    I live in Ottawa (which has videotron), is there any benefit with choosing to use an iPhone 5 with Videotron over WIND? How do they differ? I see they are both AWS networks. Is travelling in Ontario considered “data roaming” for videotron?

  • reformcanada

    Is videotron better than wind for the iPhone? I live in Ottawa so videotron is an option for me.

  • Waibashi

    This might be a stupid question but I’m looking to drop the Rogers and go to videotron. Anyone did the move? How is it?

  • Chris

    They run on Rogers network if out of reach of their towers…

  • Hidden

    I know that’s my point, they have no network and still talk shit. How can you blast the company that is keeping you afloat? I’d love to see rogers pull their share network contacts out and watch them kiss their ass to get back those 300k clients they’d lose in the process.