Videotron Promo: Unlimited Canada/USA Voice, 6GB Data for $59.95/month


Videotron has a new promotional ‘Voice and Data 60’ plan that packs a punch as it includes unlimited calls within Canada and to the USA, plus has 6GB of data, all for $59.95 per month. Here’s what’s included:

  • Unlimited calls to Canada/USA, anytime
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
  • Call display, Voicemail 35 (up to 35 voicemails)
  • 6GB data
  • Call waiting, conference calling
  • Bonus: 5 Hour Illico Mobile plan for a year (watch free live TV)
  • Always included: free local and long distance calls within Quebec between Videotron residential and mobile customers

Screen Shot 2013 06 12 at 10 34 04 AM

Videotron iPhone users, this looks like one heck of a plan. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.

Thanks @Eric_Nolet!


  • bob

    Has anyone tried to get this plan on Fido? (not sure if the retention department is matching this)

  • Eric Nolet

    Rogers was quick to PM the last Videotron deal (55$, Unlimited Canada + 3gig). We’ll see about this one!

  • ftheroux

    This is the first offering I see that rivals my corporate plan. If Rogers matches this, I will likely change my plan.

  • Anthony W

    No LTE. Doubtful reception. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Anthony W

    Only for Quebec! Next please.

  • stef

    no 60$ 3 gig canada illimite no usa no 6 gig too

  • Dany


    I’m from Quebec province and with Fido, i call them regarding the Videotron promotion …

    They offer me for 60$ per month :

    – 450 minutes
    – Unlimited incoming call
    – Unlimited night and week end
    – No long distance fees in Canada
    – Unlimited SMS, Video, Photo
    – Visual voice mail
    and ….
    – 6 GB

  • Not bad!

  • Karel

    I got the following offer for 70$:

    – Unlimited Canada/US call
    – Unlimited SMS/MMS
    – Unlimited incoming call
    – 3GB data (unlimited for 6 months)
    – No visual voicemail

    I’ve been with Fido for 4 years, I’m pretty disappointed with this offer!

  • Cyrus Wu

    Just the unlimited calling missing. It’s almost a steal.

  • izzdude

    You said.Videotron iphone users. Videotron doesn’t offer iphones?