Videotron Wants Government Help to Ensure Survival vs Big 3


Videotron is the proof that the four-carrier principle the former Harper government has been pushing for works: In Québec, prices are lower, “there is more innovation and there is higher customer satisfaction”, Videotron CEO Manon Brouillette said in her speech at the Telecom Summit in Toronto today.

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Counterbalancing Conservative Party leader candidate Maxime Bernier’s hard words against the government demanding a phase out of the CRTC, Brouillette applauded Ottawa for its work to foster a competitive wireless landscape.

However, in the light of the forthcoming 600 MHz spectrum auction, she also outlined three tasks for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. First, continued support for the principle of at least four competitors in a marketplace.

Secondly, the government needs to ensure balance in spectrum access, she says, especially because the 600 MHz spectrum auction will be the last allocation of low frequencies, which offer “key advantages” for the carriers. Public airwaves need to be allocated “on an equitable basis between service providers”, she adds.

The third task Brouillette identified for the government for fostering a more competitive mobile landscape is to “remain vigilant in the marketplace”.

All the above is for the benefit of the consumer, as it promotes competitive pricing and services. This is in stark contrast to Bernier’s point of view, who is convinced that only deregulation can help lead to a really competitive marketplace.


  • 1His_Nibs1

    Four competitors in just ONE marketplace, QUEBEC!( Since Videotron”offers” competitiveness to just Quebecers & not nation wide, who gives a flying F what Quebec would like.

  • clee666

    Videotron bought bandwidth in other provinces in the last auction.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    That may be but Pierre Peladeau said they aren’t/won’t go nationwide (he’s a separatist after all) he may no longer be in charge per se but he is in charge of corporate strategy, so there goes your argument.

  • Humbre

    He said that? link or it didn’t happen

  • 1His_Nibs1