Virgin Mobile Rebrands Network To 4G

In keeping with the recent trend, Virgin Mobile has now rebranded its wireless network to 4G. Thus far, Telus, Bell, MTS, SaskTel, and now Virgin have rebranded themselves as 4G. Rogers/Fido have yet to join the pack.

For those that have not been keeping up, the reason the Canadian carriers have been rebranding themselves to “4G” recently is because International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standards have given carriers the authority to market their network a certain way.

In this case, the carriers can call themselves 4G, even if the speed isn’t technically 4G.

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) just made some recent changes to what “4G network” means, and so it turns out that Virgin Mobile has been offering access to 4G power since we got on the HSPA+ network in February, 2010!

Next up, Rogers/Fido!

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  • Theused

    So that means rogers/fido has had a “4G” network for years now?

  • Anonymous

    On the Rogers red board they say that when they say 4G they mean LTE. They seem to intend to be the first Canadian company to bring it to market.

    I’m more concerned about what I get at the user end. I am a student going to Ryerson University downtown. When I’m in Toronto I consistently get 3+Mbps, but when I’m at my house in Mississauga I never get more than 4 bars in my neighborhood.

  • Hey guys! I just ReBranded my Duo-Core Macbook Pro 2009 Model as a Quad-Core ^_^ instant upgrade with no results.
    I could probably sell it on craigs list for more now too… >.>…. lol

  • Anonymous

    Smoke and mirrors, boys, it’s all just smoke and mirrors.

  • Anonymous

    Useless marketing gimmick…
    How many times have we seen products get repackaged as something else… When it is the same product as it was before! Nothing has changed.

    The change will come when LTE hits the market. Until then, call it 4G or 5G or “Bieber 6G fever” it’s all the same.

  • I do find it interesting that as of yet Rogers/Fido haven’t followed suit and it seems they intend to hold off until LTE

  • Mark

    Of course Virgin is now so called “4G” because Bell did it last week and seeing how Virgin is a sister company of Bell why not right.

  • Mark

    Monkey see monkey do!!!

  • Anonymous

    Also AT&T hasnt ‘officially’ renamed their network yet either. They are loosely tossing the word around for some of their phones. I predict Rogers will do the same for upcoming ‘4G’ phones