Virgin Mobile Reduces Data Roaming Rates


Today, Virgin Mobile announced massive price reductions for their International and US Data Roaming charges. If you are currently a Virgin Mobile customer, you should be thrilled with these price reductions.

  • The US Data Roaming rate is being lowered from $51.20/MB to $10.24/MB.
  • The International Data Roaming rate is being lowered from $51.20/MB to $25.60/MB.


The following Virgin Mobile customers are eligible for the new US Roaming rates:

  • Customers without a data add-on of any kind on their account
  • Customers with Unlimited Mobile browsing on their account (does not apply to iPhone customer)

The following Virgin Mobile customers are elgibile for the new International Roaming rates:

  • All customers regardless of what phone or data add-on they have

The customers who are not impacted by this change are users who already have a Smartphone data add-on (Smartphone plan) since your rate is already reduced at $6.00/MB.


  • iphonelover

    It’s still absolutely a ridiculously high rate for data. For my software unlocked iPhone I got:

    100MB for $20 valid 30 days using AT&T GoPhone AT&T in the US
    750MB for $60 using Telstra valid 30 days in Australia (including 300 voice & 600 SMS)
    2GB for $2.50 valid for 2 days using Movistar in Argentina

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