Who Is Bidding on Wireless Spectrum?…The List Goes Public [u]



Players interested in acquiring spectrum space during the forthcoming wireless spectrum auction submitted their application by last Tuesday. And the wait is over: Industry Canada released the highly anticipated list of applications this morning. It includes 15 names. The bad news is that no foreign player is interested in Canada.

The stake is really high: the 700 MHZ frequency represents the most valuable air waves and could redesign the Canadian wireless landscape. As expected, the Big Three have submitted their applications to acquire spectrum, as well as Wind Mobile, which already publicized its bid strategy.

But the list also contains surprise names as well: Birch Hill’s name appeared recently as part of Roger’s secret plan to take over Wind and Mobilicity. Now the company has signed up to bid as BH Wave Acquisition Corporation.

Another interesting move comes from Catalyst Capital Group, which is one of Mobilicity’s largest shareholders — currently tied in a legal battle with the struggling wireless startup. The private equity firm also has joined the hunt for spectrum.

While Mobilicity skipped this opportunity — given its current state — its chairman John Bitove has decided to participate in the auction with another company, Feenix Wireless Inc, which lists him as CEO.

Here is the full list of participating players:

  1. 1770129 Alberta Inc.
  2. Bell Mobility Inc.
  3. BH Wave Acquisition Corporation
  4. Bragg Communications Incorporated
  5. Feenix Wireless Inc.
  6. Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
  7. MTS Inc.
  8. Novus Wireless Inc.
  9. Rogers Communications Partnership
  10. Saskatchewan Telecommunications
  11. TBayTel
  12. TELUS Communications Company
  13. The Catalyst Capital Group Inc.
  14. Vecima Networks Inc.
  15. Vidéotron s.e.n.c.


Update: Industry Minister James Moore has made the following statement in regards to the 700MHz auction:

“Today, Industry Canada published the list of applicants for the 700 MHz spectrum auction scheduled for January 14, 2014. This high-quality spectrum will soon be deployed across Canada, providing Canadians with dependable, high-speed wireless services on the latest technologies.

“Well before this summer’s public debate on wireless policy, our Government introduced a number of measures to create more choice in Canada’s wireless market and to defend consumers. As a result, prices have come down, the number of jobs in the wireless sector has increased and consumers have more choices. This trend will continue as a result of January’s auction.

“In addition to this auction, our Government will continue to aggressively pursue policies that ensure consumer interests are at the core of all Government decisions.”


  • crosseyed_mofo

    Dear videotron, buy some spectrum nationally plz, and dont cockblock wind


  • Erik Kappel

    I’d rather see Wind get natuonal spectrum than Videotron. I feel like they would most likely become the Big 4th if given the chance. From my perspective, Wind gives me the most hope. This Birch Hill thing however screams of cheating no?

  • websnap

    I wonder who “1770129 Alberta Inc.” is… shaw maybe?

  • crosseyed_mofo

    id like em both to go national so a) canadians can experience the amazing customer service videotron provides and b) itll knock $20 off my home internet bill 😀

    plus having wind here is just better for all involved

    as for the birch hill thing, am unfamiliar with the subject

  • Russell

    1770129 Alberta Inc. is owned by Corridor Communications Inc. I believe.

  • Shier

    Last I heard MTS wasn’t bidding

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Birch Hill should not be allowed to participate as they’re in cahoots with Rogers either as a subsidiary or a shadow entity Rogers is using to manipulate the process. Why the government is allowing that to happen is mind boggling. Sadly there are no recognizable names on here from foreign companies like Vodafone or the likes. I think it’s time the federal government changes the foreign ownership rules to entice a “fourth” national carrier as this protectionism isn’t yielding the desired results. Looks like we’re stuck with getting bent over by the pig 3 for awhile longer.

  • ward09

    It would be interesting if Birch Hill won spectrum, but then were denied approval to acquire Wind. They’d have to unload it somehow, but it wouldn’t be permitted to sell it to the Big 3. You’re right, they just shouldn’t be allowed to bid.

  • Al

    It doesn’t bother you just a little that the fact you don’t understand the details should be enough reason to not act as though you do???

  • Spectrum

    Will the iPhone 5s work on this spectrum, when the carriers deploy it?

  • hub2

    700 MHz is not listed among the iPhone 5s’s supported frequencies

  • crosseyed_mofo

    no, currently no iphones support the 700 band (its new to the cell side of telecomunications), safe to say future models will

  • daftchemist

    I’m pretty sure WIND should be on that list?

  • Sh?ji Kiritani

    The Catalyst Capital Group will be bidding for Mobilicity since they are their largest shareholder.

  • Sh?ji Kiritani

    Globalive is Wind Mobile’s parent company.

  • Sh?ji Kiritani

    I thought some iPhone models did support it, there 3 band on some models. 700/700b/700c