WIND Mobile Debuts $39 Promo Plan, to “End Cell Phone Bill Horror Stories”


WIND Mobile has launched a promo plan today, which is actually their $45 plan with a $6 discount. So this discounted $39 plan offers the following:

  • Unlimited Data (5GB full speed allotment, then fair usage policy applies)
  • Unlimited calls to Canada and the USA
  • Unlimited Global Text
  • International calling rates starting at 1¢/min
  • Unlimited Picture and Video messaging to Canada and the USA
  • Voicemail+
  • Reduced roaming rates in over 50 countries

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WIND Mobile explains via email a recent Google consumer survey they conducted saw 36% of Canadians “feel that their cell phone bills are too high. And of those of respondents, 36 per cent are most concerned about seeing scary data overage on their next phone bill.”

The carrier launched refurbished iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sales back in June, but that may cease as Apple Canada has warned provider Ingram Micro it has breached contract terms by offering refreshed units to WIND Mobile.

While WIND Mobile has good efforts to put a dent in the pockets of the Big 3, the carrier is still plagued with coverage issues outside of major urban areas, but that should change once its LTE network is eventually setup and running.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this or will be calling in to switch over to this discounted plan–it goes until the end of September.


  • Tim

    Instead your network access speeds and limited service area becomes the “horror story”

  • jumpy

    Used WIND for a day and their reception just sucks!! Not good at all…Price is definitely tight but the coverage through Fido is much better and about $20 more, although you only get 2GB of data….They need to improve their reception GREATLY in order for people to start switching….

  • raslucas

    not to mention how much work it is to cancel from wind once you’re signed up…. That was my nightmare

  • jordn

    I just called in an switched from their $45 plan to $39. I’m fairly happy with the service I’m getting for this price tag. I will agree that WIND speeds are spotty, but this telco will only get better. I’m certianly not complaining.

  • macspectrum

    i have some pre-sales questions – i cannot get a store to answer my calls ? i cannot get the horrible ‘support’ in phillipiners to answer my questions – i think they are racisgt against canadians ! i called twice and was lied to by ‘operator’ – wind does not repkly to my many email messages – how can i get some answers ?

  • macspectrum

    please some1 from wind who is canadian please reply to me – phillipine tech support is very bad – they refused to x-fer to a canadian person !!!!

  • Jason Bjerke

    So if I make the switch, and then buy a unlocked iPhone 6s Plus it won’t work? Or only at 3G speeds?

  • It will work…but your iPhone will only gets speeds WIND offers, which are at HSPA+ speeds

  • Matt Fraser

    Follow them on Twitter (@WindMobile_Cares)… then talk to them through there. I find their Twitter account to be very helpful! once you get into a DM conversation with them, the 140-character limit goes away.

  • macspectrum

    why cannot they reply to my email as per their website ? why their stores, 3 of them, answer the phone ? why does their phillipine support not answer my question ? and now after all that i should send them info via twitter ? how much do u think i have ? i have money, i want to give them money – they need to answer a few questions first ….