WIND Mobile Hits 700K Users, Releases New Unlimited Talk, Text, Data Plans


WIND Mobile today announced it has reached a significant milestone of 700,000 wireless users and to celebrate they’ve launched three new plans:

  • $25/month: Unlimited Canada-wide Talk and Text 
  • $35/month: Unlimited Data, Talk and Text plus a $150 handset subsidy 
  • $60/month: Unlimited Data, Talk, Text, in Canada and across the U.S.A, Voicemail+, World Saver plus a $500 handset subsidy or service credits.

Here’s a graphic of the new plans:


The company’s press release also encourages compatible unlocked devices such as the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s to join their network and get up to $500 in service credits. 

These are amazing plans (available April 7) if you are in an area with excellent WIND Mobile coverage. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.



  • Pretty stiff competition for the incumbents. Go Wind! I’m counting the days until my contract is up on my wifes phone and she’s moving – half the cost of what we’re paying with Fido right now for basically the same thing.

  • Rob Raymond

    Couldn’t agree more; We’re in the same boat.

  • darci

    I love Wind but make sure if you travel in Canada that they actually have coverage. I went to Kelowna and had no access. Where is this chart on Wind’s site?

  • sukisszoze

    That $60 plan may put a dent in Roam Mobility’s offerings..what’s the chance the same plan will appear in Fido/Rogers/Telus/

  • James

    how are the data speeds on Wind? LTE?

  • This image was part of the company’s press release.

  • You answered your own question! haha

  • Anon

    I wonder how good their “away” coverage is with partner networks.

  • Anon

    Yup, I’ll probably be switching too when my plan is up. The places I frequent within GVR are mostly within the coverage area. I just hope the call quality is comparable to Rogers.

  • Anon

    3G only. From what I hear, Wind average DL speeds are around 2Mbps, and slower during peek hours. Which is nowhere near the 20-40Mbps LTE speeds I get with Rogers.

  • Sandy Andrew Balde Baldwin

    I finished my Rogers contract a year ago, to keep me they gave me 3GB of data with everything that i already had for $60.00 now that the year is up they just slapped me with an $80 bill. I am going to look around this weekend for a new plan. I’m in the city 99% of the time except when we head to Kananaskis, Banff and Salmon Arm. My only concern is the data speed and I hate when I am in a place and get switched from LTE to 3G on my iPhone5. Any recommendations? Oh, I forgot to mention that I bought my phone unlocked from Apple.

  • MrXax

    For those who are wondering why these plans aren’t showing up on WIND’s site yet, they aren’t available until April 7.

  • Totally forgot to add that part! Thx

  • gtasscarlo

    Yea right LOL

  • Peter Pottinger

    Whats the point of unlimited if you can’t even use it?

  • kEiThZ

    You can stay with Robellus. The others don’t offer LTE and if that is your priority, then you should expect to pay more.

  • kEiThZ

    Why can’t you use it? I’m on Wind. I use way more data than I ever did on Rogers.

  • Peter Pottinger

    I take it you don’t travel much?

  • kEiThZ

    Being in the CF, I assure you that I travel a fair bit. What’s your point?

  • Peter Pottinger

    I was just in Banff and I can assure you there is no WIND coverage there.

  • kEiThZ

    So? That does not make their service unsuable. It only depends how much time you spend outside their zone that will determine the economic breakeven point compared to a Big 3 telco.

    I travel a bit. And when I do, I usually find that I have hotel/motel or coffee shop wifi to tide me over for a few days till I get back. I’m willing to do that to enjoy a $50 per month bill. Much less than the average Robellus bill for any data users.

    I have tracked all my bills with Wind since I joined in March 2010. With all my travelling (including some international roaming), my bills have averaged 71.98 including tax. And that goes down every month since I had 3 digit bills for the first six months with Wind since I was willing to pay $80 per month for unlimited. Show me a Robellus user with regular data usage in the 3-4 GB range, lots of US and Canadian long distance calls, some international calls and roaming who has averaged $72 per month for 4 years.

  • Peter Pottinger

    You’re 100% correct, if you have no responsibility and do not need to be available to your customers on a near 24 hour basis you can surely depend on having no service or relying on wifi for your data. For others Rogers is the only rational choice.

    My Rogers plan has evolved over the years to include unlimited Canada wide, unlimited txt, call display, voicemail, and 2gb of data for $65/mo so its not that horrible.

    I’ll give you a piece of free advice, focus on the dollars, not the cents. Specifically, being available to your customers will return more than enough to offset the cost of a proper carrier.

  • kEiThZ

    My “customers” tend to have must more secure comms than the Rogers network. When it really matters, you don’t use a cellphone….

    See my other comments. To each their own. I just don’t like comments that categorically rule out an option. You are stating Wind is unusable based on your experience. And your experience is hardly universal. Actually, as a business user, you are pretty far from universal.

    And $65/mo before tax and roaming is hardly cheap. My $71.98 figure is an exact average of 4 years worth of bills and include taxes and substantial roaming in the US and Europe. My brother, who doesn’t travel as much, averages under $50 per month. And 2GB? That would never work for me personally. I usually 3-5GB range.