WIND Mobile Announces It Has Surpassed 800,000 Wireless Subscribers


WIND Mobile has reached a milestone for the company, surpassing 800,000 wireless subscribers, five years after it first launched in Toronto on December 16, 2009.

New CEO Pietro Cordova said the following in a statement:

“We’ve worked hard to become Canada’s fourth largest carrier, providing some of the best value and choice to consumers, while introducing industry firsts along the way. With over 800,000 active subscribers, we’ve opened over 300 stores across the country, creating over 1,800 jobs in Canada, and that’s just the beginning. We look forward to continuing to redefine the wireless industry through true mobile freedom and no term contracts for many more years to come.”

The wireless startup also revealed it now has over 1,400 network sites that offers coverage to 14 million Canadians, making it the fourth largest wireless carrier in the country.

To celebrate their achievement, the company plans to give away 50 Nexus 6 smartphones on their Twitter account throughout the day.

TELUS chief financial officer John Gossling noted WIND Mobile has emerged as a fourth national player, speaking at a conference in New York last week (via The Globe and Mail):

“At this point it looks like Wind, with its new investors, will be a fourth nearly-national player,” Telus chief financial officer John Gossling said at an investor conference in New York last week.

“They don’t have the ability to provide services in Quebec yet but they will be probably that fourth carrier that our government has been looking for,” Mr. Gossling added, referencing the government’s policy objective of having at least four cellular players in every market.

WIND Mobile currently has a $44 promo plan with unlimited data and Canada/US calling, available until December 24, 2014. The carrier also recently expanded coverage by partnering with TELUS for roaming.


  • exaro

    Put another way, Wind is only 200,000 users away from meeting its first-year target. Wind would so like us to forget its boast that there was no .way it wouldn’t have more than a million users within a year of launch. That was then. Now 80% of that looks good.

  • Stephan

    Am I missing something, or is $44/mo for unlimited voice/text/data/call fwd (basically everything) a ridiculously good deal?

  • Stephan

    Just realized you pay extra when you’re roaming on Wind partner networks…

  • Matt

    Yeuh, however you can use call forwarding to say, textplus when you are out of wind zone. Also the 44 plan comes with 19 dollars service credits.

  • Matt


  • Andrew

    Subscriber number is one thing. Profit revenue is another. Is Wind bleeding to get customers or Wind is actually making profit without back up from investors?