WIND Mobile: $33/Month Back to School Promo, 2-Year WINDtab Coming August 8


WIND Mobile is introducing a couple changes tomorrow, with one of them being the switch over to two-year WINDtabs and also a $33 per month back to school promo for students, according to two separate reports from MobileSyrup.

The new $33 per month plan back to school promo includes the following:

  • Unlimited province-wide outgoing calls
  • Unlimited incoming
  • Unlimited WIND-to-WIND calls
  • 20 cents per minute Canadian long distance
  • 5 cents per minute US long distance
  • Unlimited Canada/USA SMS/MMS, unlimited international texting
  • Unlimited data
  • World Saver add-on
  • Caller ID, missed call alerts, conference all, call forwarding, call waiting (no voicemail though)
  • one-time processing fee of $25 for existing subscribers to switch to this plan if they are coming down from the $40 plan, but no fee if you are moving up
  • Ends September 30th
We’ve seen users hooking up their unlocked AWS iPhone 5 units to WIND Mobile, so if you’re in an area that supports WIND and you don’t mind not having LTE, this plan will save you money compared to similar offers from Rogers, TELUS and Bell.

As for the new two-year WINDtab, it’s part of their “24 Month Pay Off Promise” where users can get up to $300 off smartphones like normal, but over two years instead of three, based on requirements from the upcoming CRTC-mandated Wireless Code.

This week, Verizon is rumoured to present a formal offer to acquire WIND Mobile, with the deal reported to be in the $700 million range. Despite opposition to Verizon by the Big 3, Ottawa has said the wireless spectrum auction will go on as planned.

iPhone 5 users on WIND Mobile, let us know if you’re going to jump on this!


  • Matt

    If they added voicemail I would pay the extra $3 a month for this plan.

  • Guest

    $33 for unlimited data? Did I read this wrong or what’s the catch?

  • They slow you down after 5GB but it’s still unlimited in a sense.

  • KT

    Hm will it work with an unlocked iPhone 4?

  • ward09

    Nope. You can only use the brand new AWS version of iPhone 5.

  • ward09

    I would be all over this plan tomorrow if they had a bigger network and I didn’t have to buy an unlocked iPhone 5 out of pocket. Still, it’s tempting. Good that this deal is until the end of September.

  • Sean

    Does the unlimited data only works in town or Canada wide?

  • They slow you down after 5GB but it’s still unlimited in a sense.

  • CC

    Network is limited and no LTE which is a deal breaker.
    They also have what they called freedom usage policy which will limit your usage after certain amount of GB.

    Using 3G is like using dial up in the 90’s.

  • Dan

    Bring on the big Verizon
    Sick to stomach with the ‘BIG’ 3
    rip off crew.

  • Westben

    For RoBellUs, the wireless portion of the revenues yield an adjusted profit in the high 30’s low 40 percent range for the past 5 years. For instance Rogers had earnings of just over 7 Billion fleecing’s and out of all that wool, they had just over 3 Billion of our dollars pocketed. Like a pay day loan it is! lend 200, get back 290.

    However Verizon is no stupid chicken folks, they will see RoBellUs pricing, and go a wee bit lower to swoop you, but they’re not going to give away the farm, ATT/Verizon/Sprint are neck and neck with Sprint being their thorn in the US. What we do have however is a stupid CRTC/Government giving away yet another resource for cheap, and to a foreign interests at that. Yep Verizon would be some stupid to pass up the Canada Goodies for a song show, cheap spectrum, piggyback on RoBellUs infrastructure (Thanks again CRTC) where they have none of their own (but they would pay for that ride), So really, it’s a 20 Billion dollar wading pool, which has 8 Billion of profit, if they get in at the national level, it’s merely going to split the pool up, and yes (yeaaaa!!! for us) their will be a little less profit taking, but don’t believe for a minute that your going to get a 30% drop – look for 10% and some come on deals for early channel swimmers.

    Truly, local Wind and Mobilicity are giving you a better value for your dollar than a merged Verizon will – The smaller zones of these startups offer great value if your not a wide area roamer, but having the luxury of Canada wide comes at a price, Verizon included

    Cheers fellow Iphoner’s

  • Cuu

    You can get a nice voicemail service for free elswhere. With the unlimited data in this plan, you can even get it forwarded to your email. My wind plan includes voicemail (it was a promotion), and I still prefer freephoneline for voicemail because of the email forwarding.

  • The speed is pretty great. 3G is just fine for normal use. I honestly don’t know what you’re using if you NEED to have LTE all the time.

  • Matt

    Super late of a response but than you so much. I just set this up today and it works perfectly! Even the VM to email feature is killer. Thanks!

  • You’re welcome!

    Glad to see I was able to help someone else… This is the best thing until Google Voice gets set up here in Canada (supposed to be coming soon).