WIND Mobile to Bid in Upcoming Wireless Spectrum Auction in 2014


WIND Mobile has declared it will be participating in the 700MHz wireless spectrum auction, set to take place in January 2014, reports the Financial Post:

Wind Mobile, one of three startup carriers to launch in Canada after buying wireless spectrum in 2008, said Monday it plans to bid on the airwaves up for grabs in next year’s public auction.

The deadline to place initial bids, along with a refundable 5% deposit, is Tuesday at noon ET and the auction for spectrum in the 700-megahertz frequency band will get underway next Jan. 14.

Wind built a third-generation network on its existing spectrum, which is in what is known as the AWS band of spectrum, and it now has 650,000 subscribers, it said in a statement Monday.

Should WIND Mobile have its sights set on bidding nationally for two out of four blocks available, their 5% deposit would amount to roughly $16 million, due tomorrow at noon EDT. Spectrum bidders are prevented from publicly discussing their auction strategies so WIND has not confirmed whether it plans to bid regionally or nationally. The company has previously stated it is ready to become Canada’s fourth national wireless option.

As for other newer players, Public Mobile, recently funded by new investors at Thomvest Ventures (owned by the Thomson family) and a New York private equity firm, had its inventors state in June the entrant would participate in the auction.

Regional carriers Videotron, Eastlink and SaskTel are expected to bid in the auction as well. MTS previously stated it would skip the auction on a national front and rather concentrate on services within Manitoba. Mark your calendars for September 23–the day bidders will be publicly identified.



  • John Chernichenko

    I want Wind to win this.
    I am sick of have the big three raising prices, lowering data and limiting phone selections.
    It’s disgusting paying $80/month for 500MB of data MANDATORY for Rogers.
    Bell and Telus now took away all lower amount options other than $80/month for “premium” smartphone options.
    Fido and Virgin are at $64 for 1GB which is annoyingly pricey compared to last year when $39/month got you 1GB.
    Koodo also matches their prices roughly with Fido and Virgin, so 1GB is $60.

    We need Wind to become bigger. Even if later in the future they raise their prices to fit in with the Capitalist minds I won’t care because having unlimited data until that day for a low price will leave me satisfied.
    I mean we already live with $80/month as a standard for plans so even if Wind catches up then we will just go on dealing with it like we would before only now there will be 4 carriers that are all expensive.